Writing Prompt: Day 37

37.jpgDay 37 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a character’s to-do list.


Dress shopping

Shoe Shopping

Pick jewelry


Get a wax


Hair cut


Buy food

Schedule dentist appointment

Pay rent

Pay credit card

Finish the painting

Social media the shit out of it


Clean the kitchen

Call mom

Message Kate, no she won’t answer, but do it anyway

Go to Damian’s gallery show, congratulate him, don’t get jealous

Pick up some more catering shifts

Sign up for the bartending course

Buy more canvases

Priorities say a lot about your character.

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Day 37

  1. Kate:
    To Do List
    – make to do list
    – feed flesh eating plants only vegetables for this week: testing hypothesis
    – remind Anise not to play the violin for the navitasis plants
    – ask Savean out or don’t…up to you, future me
    – find a course at the university I want to take
    – check again for that hair growing spell
    – ask the lawn to grow slower
    – teach that little girl down the way how not to get bitten by Anise’ flowers
    – call mom to see how she’s doing
    – invite mom & dad for the Flora festival next year
    – don’t be an idiot around Savean.
    – oh, get chai & coffee


  2. Created to Write:
    Josh’s After School To Do List
    -Work on essay for English
    -Review notes for History test tomorrow
    -Keep August out of basement until 6pm
    -Work on Jacey’s hand-to-hand combat
    -Rapid fire weapons session (clear room for throwing stars)
    -Test Finn’s hand-to-hand and dagger combat
    -Spar with August
    -Drag August out of basement for a couple hours
    -Check August’s room for August
    -Carry August up any stairs he won’t walk up himself
    -Toss August onto bed if not there yet


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