Sister vs. Sister: YouTube Dance Workout Challenge and Review

Sister vs. Sister Dance Workouts

Here’s episode three of our Pelky Sisters Podcast. For this week, we took on a challenge to test out some YouTube dance workouts for seven days in a row! I specifically followed emkfit videos and Erin followed Kyra Pro videos. You can watch the following video or listen to our podcast to find out how it went…

Sister vs. Sister: YouTube Dance Workouts – Pelky Sisters Podcast

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Sister vs. Sister: Declutter Challenge

Sister vs. Sister: Declutter Challenge - Pelky Sisters Podcast

We made an episode two of our Pelky Sisters Podcast, and it’s all about how we took on a challenge to do some form of ducluttering in out lives for seven days in a row, or one week! You can watch the following video or listen to our podcast to find out how it went…

Sister vs. Sister: Declutter Challenge – Pelky Sisters Podcast

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My Top Ten YouTube Workouts

One of my biggest ways I kept up on my self care and mental health during 2020, and still do today is waking up in the morning and getting some joyful movement in. Most days this is with free YouTube content from amazing creators. I thought It would be nice to share who I have come to love the past year.

# 10: POPSUGAR Fitness

Mood: Mixing it up with a style that’s calling to me.

Love: Sometimes I really want to kickbox, other times I want to focus on stretching or yoga. There are all types of instructors on this channel. The quality of the videos are consistent and following this channel gives me options to swap into my routine to keep my body guessing and challenged. Variety is what keeps me going and moving my body consistently and joyfully.

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New Year’s Irresolutions

New Year’s Irresolutions

This year I want to put my mental health and my wants first. The thing about that is I think what I need most is to stop trying to be so perfect. Letting go and giving up on the ideal is the opposite of what most people are striving for right now. People like me however have always been really tough on themselves every day, not just in January, and while sometimes it results in accomplishments I have found it can also lead to disappointment. So this year I am striving to flip what I normally want on its head.

Make Good Brave Decisions

I overthink and it is debilitating at times. I want to make progress and not perfection this year. I want to be more decisive even if I learn that it wasn’t the right choice, I’ll be moving and growing. There are things that I have always wanted that seem scary, risky, and unobtainable. The only way to know that this perception is true is to try and this year, so I’m just going to try.

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Embracing Social Media Part 2 – The Results

embracing social media the results

I’m sorry, I don’t want to write this. However, I feel obligated to write something because I set this blog up with “Embracing Social Media Part 2“. I attempted to post on social media everyday and learn how to have fun with it. Instead I struggled through the process and about halfway through the month, I decided to give up. Yet I still learned a very valuable lesson.

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Losing Weight…Not Myself

Losing Weight Not Myself

This weekend I wore one of my favorite dresses. It is body con with rainbow stripes, and It makes me so happy. I proceeded to go to pick up the best donuts I have ever eaten in my life, and to no surprise sported my “food baby” in the form of belly bloat as I went about living my life. I ate lunch out with a friend I haven’t seen in far too long, I stopped at home and had a salad because I knew it would make my slight sugar headache feel better and then went out to have some drinks and socialize to end the night. I didn’t think twice about any of it. There have been times in the past few years where I would have put far more thought into the calories of that day. That mental headspace would take away from all the good, lovely events that made up my Saturday, which would be such a shame.

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Letting Go of Your Book Babies

giving up on my book

This past month Erin and I started talking about our unpublished book. I was hoping that someday I’d get to write a blog post sharing how we are ready to self-publish, but it turns out this post is going to be very different. I’m sad to say we are shelving our beloved Fan-Zoned. It’s a full book of content, we’ve spent about three years working on it, sent it to a bunch of literary agents, edited it and then sent it out again, we’ve enjoyed rereading it, and we’ve considered reworking it a mess of different ways, and after all that we’ve finally decided to give it a break. The weird thing is, after all this time, we weren’t actually sad to see our “book baby” go.

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Embracing Social Media Part 1

Embracing Social Media

Sometimes I feel like I give off the appearance that I hate social media. My personal accounts are either abandoned or quiet in terms of which posts are actually shared by me. I’m not resisting social media because I think I’m above it, I’m resisting it because I’m not good at sharing my life with anyone. Even in face-to-face conversation, I don’t want to let people in. I know I should, but it’s hard.

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