Sister vs. Sister: YouTube Dance Workout Challenge and Review

Sister vs. Sister Dance Workouts

Here’s episode three of our Pelky Sisters Podcast. For this week, we took on a challenge to test out some YouTube dance workouts for seven days in a row! I specifically followed emkfit videos and Erin followed Kyra Pro videos. You can watch the following video or listen to our podcast to find out how it went…

Sister vs. Sister: YouTube Dance Workouts – Pelky Sisters Podcast

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My Top Ten YouTube Workouts

One of my biggest ways I kept up on my self care and mental health during 2020, and still do today is waking up in the morning and getting some joyful movement in. Most days this is with free YouTube content from amazing creators. I thought It would be nice to share who I have come to love the past year.

# 10: POPSUGAR Fitness

Mood: Mixing it up with a style that’s calling to me.

Love: Sometimes I really want to kickbox, other times I want to focus on stretching or yoga. There are all types of instructors on this channel. The quality of the videos are consistent and following this channel gives me options to swap into my routine to keep my body guessing and challenged. Variety is what keeps me going and moving my body consistently and joyfully.

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