My Top Ten YouTube Workouts

One of my biggest ways I kept up on my self care and mental health during 2020, and still do today is waking up in the morning and getting some joyful movement in. Most days this is with free YouTube content from amazing creators. I thought It would be nice to share who I have come to love the past year.

# 10: POPSUGAR Fitness

Mood: Mixing it up with a style that’s calling to me.

Love: Sometimes I really want to kickbox, other times I want to focus on stretching or yoga. There are all types of instructors on this channel. The quality of the videos are consistent and following this channel gives me options to swap into my routine to keep my body guessing and challenged. Variety is what keeps me going and moving my body consistently and joyfully.

#9:  The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade

Mood: I want those old school zumba vibes and a cardio challenge.

Love: If I want to be completely challenged mentally and with cardio the longer dance videos on this channel will not disappoint. Pretty much the expected zumba style videos. I need to be prepared to dance and have fun when I pick theses videos, while still being prepared to huff and puff without a break. 

#8: Healthy Fit with Ty

Mood: Athletic moves sound fun, but I want a beat to distract me a bit.

Love: Something about these workouts are just fun. The no repeat ones are my favorite. I like variety. These are very athletic moves but they are to a fun beat. When I’m not in the mood for a dance workout, but I’m also not fully in the mood for a workout that is just straight strength focus, this hits the spot and motivates me to get through it. She also counts down the songs and I like countdowns

#7: Chloe Ting

Mood: Looking for something quick, motivating, and with an end in sight.

Love: Chloe’s energy is contagious, most of her workouts are a pretty quick burn and I love her timer. I’m the kind of person who is motivated by knowing how far I’ve gotten and how close I am to the end goal. She lets you know what’s next, how far you are into each individual workout and what percent of the workout you have completed. Sometimes the particular timer and her sweet personality are exactly what I need. 

#6: blogilates

Mood: Wanna sit and lie down a lot but kill my muscles. 

Love: Sometimes I’m in the mood to challenge myself, but I just can’t be bothered to stand up. This is usually when I turn to blogilates. I used to do these videos more, and they are good pilates style content. Now I turn to them when I want to stick to body weight, have the exercises be cardio free, and involve mostly staying planted to the mat. The exercises look easy, but kill my muscles and sometimes that’s what I need to get past a mental block in the morning. 

#5: MadFit and Teagan Dixon

Mood: Need an equal challenge mentally and physically.

Love: I go to both of these creators for the same reason so I combine them. They both have quality, around 15 minute, dance workouts. They require full mental attention and are good when I want to move my body without completely killing myself.

#4: Kyra Pro

Mood: Time to dance nonstop, without being too hard to follow.

Love: Kyra’s dance workouts have themes and are non stop dancing. The moves are sometimes more in the dance move direction and sometimes more in the typical workout move direction and I enjoy the happy medium. She times the moves so it is repetitive and easy to follow. 

#3: Kat Musni Fitness

Mood: Craving to move my body in a unique freeing way.

Love: Kat doesn’t have music in her videos which I actually love. You can hear her instructions and encouragements and pick your own music or put on a show. These videos make me feel capable in not only the area of strength, but mobility in a way that is hard to find in other videos.  

#2: Sydney Cummings

Mood: Ready to feel like an athlete.

Love: Sydney posts everyday. She warms up and cools down, and does the entire workout with you. She also gives a pump up talk at the end. I always feel so empowered when I get to the end of a long sweaty session with her. My athletic history makes her workouts feel natural and the content she has created is not only endless, but high quality. Equipment and modification options are available to make the workout as hard as needed that day.

#1: emkfit

Mood: Wanna feel like I’m just messing around, but break a sweat!

Love: This dance workout is tabata style. She teaches the moves. So when it’s dancing time it is possible to give the workout your everything. The moves are fun but very challenging at times. At the start it just feels like having a good time being silly and by the end it hits you that you have been working hard. Emily has such good energy, picks amazing music and puts so much work into each video theme. Due to all of this I make an effort to do literally every one she posts. 

That rounds out my top 10. I hope you can find joy and sweat with these ladies too!



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