New Year’s Irresolutions

New Year’s Irresolutions

This year I want to put my mental health and my wants first. The thing about that is I think what I need most is to stop trying to be so perfect. Letting go and giving up on the ideal is the opposite of what most people are striving for right now. People like me however have always been really tough on themselves every day, not just in January, and while sometimes it results in accomplishments I have found it can also lead to disappointment. So this year I am striving to flip what I normally want on its head.

Make Good Brave Decisions

I overthink and it is debilitating at times. I want to make progress and not perfection this year. I want to be more decisive even if I learn that it wasn’t the right choice, I’ll be moving and growing. There are things that I have always wanted that seem scary, risky, and unobtainable. The only way to know that this perception is true is to try and this year, so I’m just going to try.

Be Healthy Intuitive

I’ve turned to the scale too many times to determine my health success. That needs to stop. The new things I am going to learn to turn toward are my energy, digestion, strength, and happiness. These things are far more important than what I deep down believe is a useless number when those other things are being considered. I’m going to slowly challenge the narrative in my head about “health.”

Be a Good Real Friend and Partner

I have to put taking care of myself over taking care of everyone. If I’m sad and express that, it doesn’t make me a worse partner, it makes me human. Letting out what I need and the bad sides of me allows me to work through things vs. shoving down the toxic energy to eventually explode. Ultimately if I want to be the best partner and friend I can be, taking care of myself gives me the energy and understanding to do that.

Create Quality Authentic Projects

I love consuming content on various platforms and feel like I would have a fun time creating our own. We could never make ours as perfect and curated as all of the other beautiful creators on these platforms though. This year I need to accept that and just be real to me and what me and my life looks like. No filter, no show, I just want to share. 

I have grown a lot since my last attempts at posting anything, so I’m not sure what this blog or any of our projects are going to look like, but if you are curious and want to be on this journey driven by love and passions…. Welcome! And if your new years resolution needs to be to stop making so many we can be in this imperfect journey together. I’ll check in soon.



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