Sister vs. Sister: YouTube Dance Workout Challenge and Review

Sister vs. Sister Dance Workouts

Here’s episode three of our Pelky Sisters Podcast. For this week, we took on a challenge to test out some YouTube dance workouts for seven days in a row! I specifically followed emkfit videos and Erin followed Kyra Pro videos. You can watch the following video or listen to our podcast to find out how it went…

Sister vs. Sister: YouTube Dance Workouts – Pelky Sisters Podcast

Sometimes finding the motivation to workout can be hard, so for this challenge week we wanted to focus on holding ourselves accountable for one workout a day. I won’t spoil our conclusion about this challenge, because you can watch the video to learn our thoughts on the experience. However, I will tell you that I highly suggest you check out both emkfit and Kyra Pro. They both share great workout videos, and really know how to make exercising fun!

These videos are taking me a while to edit, but I’m hoping I’ll get in a rhythm and eventually be able to post more frequently. For anyone reading or watching, I appreciate your patience and thank you so much for watching!



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