Sister vs. Sister: Declutter Challenge

Sister vs. Sister: Declutter Challenge - Pelky Sisters Podcast

We made an episode two of our Pelky Sisters Podcast, and it’s all about how we took on a challenge to do some form of ducluttering in out lives for seven days in a row, or one week! You can watch the following video or listen to our podcast to find out how it went…

Sister vs. Sister: Declutter Challenge – Pelky Sisters Podcast

This podcast episode is more similar to what we’ll be posting on our podcast in the future. We’ve been working on taking on different challenges that we’re hoping will give us a good sample of how incorporating these different things into our lives could lead to improvements, or new perspectives on our old habits. We meet up to talk about what we’ve learned from the week, and to talk about our different experiences throughout. In the end our goal is to learn more about ourselves, but we’d also love to have people eventually participate in these challenges with us. Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to change things up and step outside our comfort zones, hence our potato transformation references :). That’s why we are trying to create a place where people can have a few extra reasons to stay motivated and join the conversation.

So that’s our vision for the podcast, but we’ll see what ends up happening. All I know is that we’re currently having fun with this new adventure and that we’re learning a lot about what we can do with our potato potential. Thanks for reading or watching!



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