Writing Prompt: Day 69

69.jpgDay 69 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a character inspired by a day of the week: Friday.

Shannon: Friday is the best. She’s the most encouraging person I’ve ever met. She makes you feel like anything is possible, and you have all the time in the world to make your dreams come true. No one has a bad thing to say about Friday and she has nothing bad to say about anyone else. She does everything in her power to make sure everyone is having a good time, and we all appreciate her for looking out for us.

Erin: She was the best of times, even though she was going at 100 miles per hour at all times she’d find time to slow down just enough to have a laugh. That’s why I loved her. She reminded me that every once and a while even in the middle of a complete mess it was okay to slow down. We deserved to slow down. We deserved to live the life we wanted, not as an afterthought, but as a priority.

Friday! Work weeks stop, but we don’t stop writing.

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Day 69

  1. From across the room, cold sparks floated down onto my sweater, amid chaotic pops and bangs; a miniature fireworks show was going on in the secret room of the Dryad Society. As I sat in a soft armchair beside the fire, nursing a fiery rye, I eyed Fiona’s wild magick from a safe distance. But when she set into a new spell, something that made the candles flicker and the fireplace dance with yellow flame, I dropped my heavy text on the side table. Something about the way the enchantment was mingling with the electric energy that naturally occurred within these hallowed walls, made me uneasy and more than a little twitchy.
    “Hey, Fe, you wanna move out or move on?” I called, over a thunderous growl let out by the fireplace that sounded as though some immense feline were trapped in the bricks. Without turning her deep brown eyes my way, she finished up the spell with expert precision; I feared how many would learn of the society if she were let loose. The havoc that could be caused by someone so careless and foolish could devastate the entire group.
    While it took a few minutes for the room to normalize, it gave Fiona time to pack her things up carefully; a full alchemy set was spread across two mahogany desks, dotted here and there with glowing minerals bubbling away and books flipped open to dangerous transformative spells. Shoving the fragile glass vials and beakers back into their cases, completely free of any residue, she was finished in no time. All the cases fit comfortably in the bottom of a large cabinet and Fiona got to work busily arranging them correctly.
    After she was finished, the books went directly onto her shelf in the student’s bookcase; any magickal texts the members didn’t want to bring out of the club with them could be placed on their specified shelf. I, personally, had a rather large section of the cabinet to myself, but since it was mostly off-limits anyway, no one knew. Fumbling for the latch on the tables, she painstakingly shifted them back to their normal positions on either side of the room.
    When I stood from my chair, wishing I could bring the warm ambience of the fireplace with me, I motioned toward the door. “Yeah, I’m getting there. Why do you have to be my babysitter, anyway?” she complained loudly as she gathered up her backpack, bottles of unknown liquids and several minor spell books. I understood why she, of all the members, would be pissed at not being trusted to not expose us, but she should have known better than to perform some of the dangerous charms she had on students.
    “I know, Fe, but you don’t seriously think I’d like to spend my Friday evening watching over you, do you?” frowning, I scoffed before continuing, “I actually had plans of my own but now I have to make sure those potions don’t kill anyone. All because you wanted to test out some party spells.” When I sighed, kicking aggressively at the leg of my chair, I was reminded of an insubordinate child having a hissy fit. I huffed and stalked out the door with Fiona in hot pursuit.

    Two hours later, I was standing behind a young woman with deep brunette hair that flowed in ringlets from the top of her head, bounced down her back and ended in mid-air. Hugging her slim curves was a neon yellow number than covered less than a third of her skin, but had caught the hungry attention of every male in the line. Though I don’t know whether that was the idea or not, Fiona appeared to relish the stares in a way I never could.
    When we were nearly at the doorway, me carrying her backpack and all its possibly illicit contents, Fiona dug around in the front pocket. Pulling out a tiny perfume spray bottle, she passed it to me. Over the ear-splitting music pounding out a beat from inside the party, I shouted to her, “I don’t wear perfume!” But she just yanked the intricately cut glass bottle and fired a couple sprays into my face. Coughing in the rosy cloud that descended upon me, I didn’t notice that the eyeballs of everyone around us had inexplicably turned on me.
    Finally arriving at the bouncer, I cringed thinking about my army boots, long comfortable vest and jeans, but he just winked and waved us through. When we got inside it dawned on me that the rosy spray must have been some sort of attraction potion; it worked like a charm as we made our way through the undulating hordes of students. But when I lost Fiona in the crush of neon lights and foul-smelling alcohol, I panicked thinking about the trouble she could get in.
    I’d just managed to make my way to a wall without anyone touching her bag, when she reappeared in brilliant yellow, holding two red cups full of questionable booze. Waving mine off, I bellowed, “What is it you wanna do here?” Hoping beyond any reasonable hope that she just wanted to try one quick charm and leave, I smiled dryly. When she downed an entire cup before my eyes, though, any hope burst and I got the sneaking suspicion we’d be here until sunrise.
    “I dumped one of the vials into the punch. It’s supposed to make people tell the truth no matter what. It’s gonna be a blast.” Giggling gleefully, she twirled in the revealing garment and nearly knocked over a couple who were pressed too close together to be dancing.
    Sighing heavily, I sat down and examined the remaining potions in the bag deftly; some kind of truth serum was present in another bottle, as well as one that would make the drinker fall madly in the love with the first person they laid eyes on, while another would render the drinker susceptible to any suggestion they heard. None of these brews lasted more than a few hours, and none were strong enough to get anyone into any more trouble than the off-putting beer they were all ingesting in copious quantities.
    I glanced up to talk to Fiona but she was already gone, weaving an enchantment on herself that made her very skin glow in the vibrant lighting that made the party guests look ghoulish. But on her, with the spell, she appeared as a brilliant siren amidst an ocean of pale creatures moving with the musical waves. Watching her from afar, I dug through the rest of her bag for any nefarious plots, but found only a crumpled piece of paper containing a verbal spell; it was to keep anyone from touching her. This girl, who wanted to be the center of attention wherever she went, who wanted to be the life of every party, didn’t want anyone to get too close. She didn’t want anyone to see the real her.


  2. Created to Write:
    All day, Finn had been doodling in his notebook. Jacey has two classes with him, so she peeks over both times to see what he’s up to. Near the beginning of the day, it’s a faint outline of the word FRIDAY. By the end of the day, in their last class, the letters are filled with doodles and patterns. He’s working on the empty space around the words, with different pictures. One he sketched the whole team, sans costumes.
    He then drew animal doodles around Jacey, smoke or fog around August, gems around Josh, tech around Rick, chemical tools around Nikki, and art supplies around himself. The rest of the page has buildings mixed in with trees, flowers, and aquatic scenes. Jacey notices a giant grin on his face as he comes to the last corner of the page.
    He finishes up the sketch right as the final bell rings. He whoops with joy, taking the notebook and his backpack with him. Jacey follows him out of the building, where he jumps around, soaking in the sun.
    “Someone’s happy for the weekend,” Nikki says, finding the two.
    Finn turns and looks at her, “You would be too, if you had no homework.”


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