Writing Prompt: Day 81

81.jpgDay 81 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a contract.

Erin: As frank’s personal chef I hereby agree to the following terms:

  • Vegetables are to be only prepped in forms that are crunchy and/or crispy
  • The only food that is acceptable to be heated to a temperature capable of tongue burning is soup
  • When frank cries mac and cheese should be made immediately
  • All meats should be cooked completely
  • Desert should always be served on Sundays
  • Water should be served with lemon

Shannon: In order to amend this broken friendship, I agree to the following terms under signature. Should I break this contract, the validity of my signature will be tarnished for eternity:

1. I will never again pretend my friends do not exist because I decide “I can do better”.
2. I promise to never humiliate any of my friends in public to impress jerks, or anyone for that matter.
3. I will go back to my old lunch table, but before sitting I will always asks for permission and will abide by the group vote until trust has been restored.
4. I will start hanging out with my friends outside of school again because I realize they are the coolest people I know, and I really miss them.

We promised to write every day, what did your character promise.

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Day 81

  1. This document is full authorization for the sale of one (1) soul (1,000 years) from Vicky Watson to the lesser demon known as Hugo for the price of the remainder of an average human life (60 years) which is to be given to her brother. The specifications of the barter, as well as the consequences of breaking the contract will follow.

    1. a) The soul of Vicky Watson must be in perfect condition upon delivery to the lesser demon, Hugo; no tears or breaks may be apparent upon first inspection, though deeper maladies may be allowed if both parties are agreeable.
    b) The soul of Vicky Watson must be delivered to the lesser demon, Hugo, by no later than 2047 unless an alternate date is agreed upon no later than January 1st, 2046.
    c) The soul of Vicky Watson must not have entered holy grounds for at least six months prior to delivery or the lesser demon, Hugo.
    2. a) Failure to meet any of these agreed upon terms, on Vicky Watson’s part, will result in the immediate repossession of the agreed upon price of the remainder of an average human like (60 years) which is to be given to her brother. This will mean the termination of Mr. Watson’s life.
    b) Failure to meet any of these agreed upon terms, on Vicky Watson’s part, will also result in the immediate repossession of her soul to the estate of the lesser demon, Hugo. This will mean the termination of her life.
    3. a) The lesser demon, Hugo, may use Vicky Watson’s soul for any work, whether that be in physical or spirit form.
    b) The lesser demon, Hugo, may have Vicky Watson’s soul tested to become a demon once a year until the time restraint passes (1,000 years) or Vicky Watson becomes a lesser demon.
    c) The lesser demon, Hugo, may not claim the soul of Vicky Watson until her life has been terminated naturally or Vicky Watson fails to meet any agreed upon term.
    4. a) Failure to meet any of these agreed upon terms, on the lesser demon, Hugo’s part, will result in the immediate release of both Vicky Watson and Mr. Watson from the contract.
    b) Failure to meet any of these agreed upon terms, on the lesser demon, Hugo’s part, will result in the immediate imprisonment of his soul in the nearest demon jail.

    By the signing of this binding contract, Vicky Watson and the lesser demon, Hugo, are joined in the sacred bond of promise, as well as that of blood. Should either party wish to amend this contract in any way, they must bring their amendments before a judge with both sides present.

    I, Vicky Watson, do agree to this binding contract.
    I, the lesser demon known as Hugo, do agree to this binding contract.


  2. Created to Write:
    Tony Stark stands outside the moderate sized house, after ringing the doorbell. Josh answers the door, glaring at the billionaire. ‘I take it he checked the peep hole.’ Tony doesn’t react to the young man’s glare, and asks, “May I come in?”
    Josh moves out of the way, his hand tight on the door knob. Tony walks in and the door slams behind him.
    “Josh? Who is it?”
    “I’m not helping you,” Josh tells Tony. Before he can ask why, Josh walks away from him and calls up the stairs, “Tincan.”
    “I resent that,” Tony says, “wounded.”
    August tackles Tony before he can see or hear him. August lands on his stomach, holding back no punches, literally, from Tony’s face. “Where! Is! She!”
    Tony tries to protect his face, “Safe, Ghostboy!”
    Josh watches his brother for a moment longer, then pulls him off.
    August turns to him, “You said you wouldn’t defend him!”
    “Yeah, but I’d like to hear his explanation.”
    Tony sits up, checking the sling holding his arm, “Thanks.”
    “Don’t, you have five minutes before I let him at you again,” Josh growls.
    Tony stands up, “I thought you were the restrained one in the pair.”
    “Talk,” August growls.
    “Heather is in Wakanda.”
    “Where the f-”
    “Josh!” Mikio says, coming around the wall. She nods to Stark, with a distrusting light in her eyes, “Mr. Stark.”
    “Finally, a little courtesy,” Tony says, motioning to Mikio. “Now, explanation. Where should I start?”
    “How Heather didn’t return from her errand,” August says, “a week ago.”
    “Why aren’t you at the farm? Weren’t you-”
    “Don’t change the subject.”
    Tony sighs, “Federal agents picked her up. They are pegging her as a child soldier.”
    “WHAT!?” August has to be held back by Josh. A scene from the passed comes to the older brother’s mind.
    ‘Hold me back or hold him down,’ she said.
    “You heard of the Sokovia Accords?”
    “Yes, tin brain.”
    “Ha, funny. Anyway, Heather took Steve’s side and she is now out of the country, but she’s safe, I promise.”
    “Your promises mean nothing, Stark,” August says, “for all I know, you handed Heather to the feds on a silver platter!”
    Mikio thinks about the conversation, and more specifically the Accords. “What are you doing here, Mr. Stark?”
    “Thought you’d want to know about Heather,” he shrugs.
    Tony sighs, “As I said, the Accords.”
    “Is for the gifted and heroes to be categorized,” August says, his arm still held in Josh’s firm grip, even if he isn’t lunging forward anymore. “Deadliest to one’s of use for the government.”
    “That descriptions a little off,” Tony says, “But I am here about the Accords. May I sit down?”
    “No. You have one minute left,” Josh says.
    Tony takes a breath, “You and your team remains a secret. That’s what I came to say.”
    The three stare at him, waiting for more.
    “I am telling the truth. No feds, no outside control. Keep doing what you do, saving the little people and protecting the innocent. You haven’t done damage, so you shouldn’t have to pay for our mistakes.”
    “Why the sudden generosity?” Josh asks.
    Tony can’t keep a level gaze with either of the boys. He turns around, “I owe Heather. You’re right, I got her into this- don’t pummel me yet!” he says, sensing August’s movement, “I caused her pain, yes. I regret it, absolutely! She’s…” He runs his free hand down his face, “She’s like Steve’s daughter, but I guess that makes her a niece to me… or something. I care, but I thought I did something right. At least, you won’t have to worry about this.”
    “And if someone finds us anyway?” Josh asks.
    “…You won’t be tied to the Avengers, and therefore not pegged as child soldiers?” Tony tries.
    “Try again,” August says.
    “I can’t help you. But I’m giving you a choice. Your answer is most likely no-”
    “It is, now leave.”
    Tony puts his hand up in defense, walking backwards toward the door, “Okay, Emerald Tiger, I’ll leave.”
    “It’s Jade. Now Go. Three,” Josh loosens his grip, “Two, One-”
    Tony is out the door before the two boys can catch him. He closes the door of his car and sighs. He gingerly touches the growing bruises on his face, ‘Never piss off the Everts.’


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