Writing Prompt: Day 102

102.jpgDay 102 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about the first day on the job.

Shannon: I hate the first day of work. You never know what to expect. You don’t know who to watch out for, who to confide in, and who you have to make a good first impression with. You definitely don’t know what your days are going to look like from here on out. It’s all new territory and as exciting as a new adventure can be, I wish I could skip the day altogether.

After going through an orientation and signing all of paperwork, my boss led me to my position in the dish room. “Marcus do you have time to train April,” he questioned a guy in a different color shirt than everyone else. He was a manager.

“Absolutely,” he moved to where we were standing.

“You’re in good hands with this one. He’ll teach you everything you need to know, but if there is anything he can’t answer my office is always open. I may not be there, but you get the point,’ he raised his hands with a nice smile and then he was off to get to his own work.

“Alright, the wall is pretty packed so let’s get right into this,” Marcus explained and then he showed me all the tasks they needed help with. It was easy enough to pick up on, and nothing too stressful. I was a little slower than the other workers, but that was expected. We even got a few minutes to talk as the line slowed down, and the crew seemed pretty awesome. They’d make each shift go by fast. I think I’m going to like it here.

Erin: I love the first day of a job. I love hearing more names than anyone could possibly remember in a day. I love hearing the words of wisdom each worker thinks will benefit a new employee. Most importantly I love the feeling of being in over my head. Because when I am in over my head I know I am being challenged. I know I am growing, and I know that I can’t yet fathom my own potential.

Write about the start of a characters new chapter.

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Day 102

  1. Everyone always said she was too pretty for a job like that. It started when she was a child. People would groan when she bubbled about her career path. They’d sigh as though they had something to lose. “Why don’t you want to do something where the people around you are going to truly appreciate your inherent beauty?” they’d ask. But even after all these years Ella ignored their sexist remarks. She let herself be carried toward her dream at every turn. Today she was going to begin living that dream.
    Long strides in her favorite jet black pumps brought her to the imposing building. She glared up at the neon sign that buzzed above her head. Ignoring the irritating sound, she strode inside. There was a man waiting for her at the elevator. His suit was deep charcoal and his beard was well-quaffed. Smiling with her entire face, she stepped into the lift with him. As he pressed the buttons for her, his emotionless mask didn’t change a whit. There was no talking, only awkward silence, as they rose to the penthouse floor.
    When the doors slid open, Ella turned to thank the man. He ignored her studiously. She pouted a bit as the gates closed on him. He hadn’t even stared at her sleek figure in the stunning mauve dress. After fixing the eyeliner that drew the eye to her caramel irises, she wandered purposefully down the stark hallway. At the end of the room stood a solid metal door. She knocked three times on the cold surface with her soft hand.
    The door on the right opened a fraction. Between the metal, Ella could see a feminine face peeking out at her. When the door parted the rest of the way, the woman was gone. Ella tentatively marched through the door and it slammed shut behind her. Studiously typing away at a glowing screen, was a woman, alone in the grand room. Walls lined with contemporary art reminded Ella of a friend’s house once.
    When she cleared her throat nervously, the other woman glanced up at her. Her fitting suit was jet and flared at the wrists. “Just wait here. I’ll let you know.” The woman went back to tapping away at the computer and Ella was left uncomfortably existing in the room. In the silence, she had the chance to look back at everything that led her to this exciting moment. Everything good. Everything bad. And all those inexplicable things she didn’t actually remember doing. Those experiences came together to make her the woman she was.
    “Go in.” The little woman demanded, interrupting Ella’s reverie.
    As she readied herself, she spoke quietly in her head, lest they could hear her. “You always wanted to be a spy. Now’s your chance. Mistress to the don; that’s pretty good.” Tugging on the next door, she slipped inside and disappeared into the dark new world.


  2. Created to Write:
    Tiger pulls his hood up, fitting the lower mask over his mouth and nose. Night Ghost looks at him, testing the goggles, which have night vision as well as normal vision. His eyes are tinted blue through them. His mouth is covered by a blue and black bandana, his hair exposed with a hood draped over his back.
    “Ready?” Tiger asks.
    “Yep,” Ghost smiles under the bandana. The two leave through the garage. “…Uh, how are we going to do this?”
    Tiger looks around, then points up, “We’re ninjas, let’s take to the rooftops.”
    “Okay.” Ghost follows his brother and they run silently across the houses. “Where are we going, Josh?”
    “Remember names, Ghost,” Tiger says. He leaps up, and somersaults before saying, “Call me Emerald Tiger.”
    He lands and keeps running, Ghost having caught up to him. “We both know that won’t stick,” Ghost mumbles.
    “Let’s get to the taller buildings.” Tiger picks up the pace, then leaps for the street lights. Ghost follows, reaching for the tall brick building on the other side of the street. They stop at the flat roof and look around. “This is fun.”
    “You know what makes it cooler?” Ghost asks. He moves his hand to the bracelet on his right wrist. He presses a button and he disappears. Tiger listens for movement, his brother’s tendencies to stealth no longer a surprise. He flips, landing a few feet away. He then turns around and blocks an invisible arm. Ghost appears again, smiling.
    “Let’s hope the bad guys don’t know you as well as I do,” Tiger jokes.
    “Speaking of, let’s keep going,” Ghost takes off running, leaping at the last second to reach the next building. Tiger takes off after him.


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