Writing Prompt: Day 133

133.jpgDay 133 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a group that is stronger together.

Erin: “What are we going to do,” Malinda started to stress. “We have to get up there in 10 minutes and two of us our missing.” She was the one who made sure we got our things done in plenty of time. Because of her we didn’t have to pull any all-nighters. When crunch time came she still cracked though.

“Found a typo in the paper,” Landon informed us. He was our perfectionist. He just did his thing with every revision he made.

“ETA for Brit and Cas is 2 minutes,” I continued my moderator duties.

Malinda’s leg did not stop shaking until she saw Brit step into the door. “Look at this presentation,” she pulled it up on her phone. It was impressive. She was the creative that made the rest of our slop look good.

“We should go first,” Cas nodded her head, she didn’t do a dang thing. Which don’t get me wrong, didn’t make her a weak link. Once we got up there, no one could think on their toes in front of a group better. She was a master of preforming and made all of our other work worth it

Shannon: Ever been a part of a group that functions so well together, you forgot how you ever got by on your own. It’s like you’re each a gear, and no one is forced into their role, they just ease into it, knowing exactly what they need to do at the perfect time. There’s something calming about working with that kind of trust, and sometimes I just have to take a step back and admire it. For once in my life I know where I belong.

Your characters are stronger together, than any of them alone.

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Day 133

  1. Something warm was brushing across my closed eyelids and frost-bitten cheeks, which felt like a thousand shimmering petals laced with sunlight were drawing across my skin. As I fluttered my eyes open, still wanting to revel in the relaxation and warmth that were seeping through my very soul, I recognized a small cluster of relatively friendly faces smiling down at me with various expressions behind their eyes ranging from elation to deep concern. I attempted to sit up and was immediately hit with the worst headache I’ve ever felt, not completely unlike a rather large jackhammer was cracking right through my skull.
    With my face contorting, and through the bleariness and weariness of my slumber, the figures around me gazed about each other. The leader, or the one who was directly in front of me, was eyeing me warily as he spoke in a light tone, “Welcome back, human. We thought you lost, but you were just a few steps across. It was simple for us to pull you through.” Though his words were in plain English, I couldn’t understand what he was talking about or who they were. His ears were pointed like an elf, but he appeared to be genuinely happy, unlike the real elves at the North Pole who drowned their sorrows in eggnog and fighting with magic.
    A woman to his left wore pelts and the short man on the right was dressed in working clothes; lime tights and brightly-striped tunic. As the assumed leader turned away, the others followed his lead and they huddled out of my view, whispering in hushed tones. Beside me, an elf remained at her post, muttering under her breath and glancing to her conspirators with jealousy. When she noticed I was awake, her cheeks turned a brilliant hue of pink and she hid her mouth behind dainty fingers made of ice.
    Fidgeting with a loose thread on my sweater, I asked, “Hey, who are you guys? What did he mean that you pulled me through? Through what?” I glanced at the group and back at the girl, who was breathing deeply to calm nerves.
    “I’m Alia, from the original North Pole. That place you were in, it’s where elves come from,” she sighed, attempting to keep her voice low to avoid the others’ attention. When they looked over, though, Alia nodded to the leader. After a few last comments, the whole congregation of elves dispersed and began going about their usual jobs.
    The leader, whose smile hadn’t left his lips, put a gentle hand on my foot and introduced everyone, “I’m Joss, that’s Zak and Zane over working on our tracking systems, this is Alia who knows everything there is to know about humans, Boris is in the back checking on the rift and the others don’t care that much for their names being known. We are the elves from-”
    At that, I cut him off rudely, “Yeah, from the land I was in. But where was that? And how did you know to come get me?” Though I was grateful for their aid, I had a tight schedule to keep and needed to get going.
    “Yes, it’s a different dimension. This,” waving his hands emphatically at the world around us, “place is a cheap copy of our world and lives as jolly workers who make toys for the inhabitants of our world. We couldn’t have brought you back without everyone’s help.” The smile that followed his curt explanation was filled with genuine appreciation for his team and an understanding that his words were true.


  2. Everyone is gathered at the edge of the parking lot, watching. “…Everyone remembers the plan, right?” Ghost asks.
    The other four nod without looking at him. Starry looks back at his drawing on the ground, a long coil of rope. Proton-ess is fiddling with gloves made of a material the shapeshifter can’t alter. Animalia is on her haunches, going over the different changes she can do with the energy she has; she’s their strongest link for this fight.
    Jade has his eyes on the left side of the parking lot, Ghost has his eyes on the right. “…What makes us sure she’ll be here?” Jade whispers to Ghost.
    A figure starts to walk across the parking lot. Animalia starts to move, but Ghost puts a hand on her shoulder. “We don’t know if it’s her.”
    “She has the same scent as the shape shifter,” Animalia states. Everyone stops to stare at her. “What? It’s strong.”
    Ghost sighs, “Okay, let’s move.” Animalia bolts, grabbing the villain’s attention. Ghost takes the gloves and sneaks around to the back. Jade goes the other direction while Proton-ess and Starry wait for the right moment to animate and use the rope.
    The villain attacks Malea, but finds she can’t change her form. Malea changes herself into a gorilla. The villain picks a panther form. They clash. Malea manages to pin her, knocking enough air out of the villain’s system to revert her back to normal. Ghost appears next to them, and slips the first glove over her fingers. “Now!”
    Starry animates the rope and Proton-ess takes it with her to the others. She ties one end over one hand and then wraps it around her body a couple times while Ghost finishes with the second glove. Jade appears to hold her down. Starry starts to draw another helpful object, but doesn’t get to finish.
    The villain shifts out of it all, into a bug. She crawls away, then reverts back to human form and grabs Proton-ess. They tussle, only to have two Proton-ess, with one on the ground and the other above, choking the one below.
    “Which is which?” Starry asks.
    “I’m the real Proton-ess,” the one on top says.
    The Proton-ess on the ground tries to pull the hands off her neck. “What’s wrong, with being… confident,” she sings.
    “Starry the top one.”
    A dart embeds itself in the top Proton-ess’ neck. The dart fades away, but the serum inside was very real. She changes back to her original form and topples to the ground. Proton-ess stands and moves away from her.
    “She’s out,” Starry says, “your serum worked, Command.”
    “It should,” he says through the comms, “I’ve had to knock you-know-who out more times than you think.”
    “Hey!” Animalia whines.
    “Cops are on the way, I’d get out of there,” Command says.
    “On it,” Ghost heads for the alleys. The others follow.


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