Writing Prompt: Day 139

139.jpgDay 139 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a group traveling together.

Erin: “I can’t take it anymore!”

“I know,” my sister agreed.

The RV was starting to make me claustrophobic. Too many family members in one place lead to be slowly being driven to insanity. “I’m hungry,” my cousin started grumbling.

“We just went a buffet,” I reminded.

“I only had two plates,” he argued and I scoffed.

“Can’t you give us the back room alone for two minutes?”

“You already had your two minutes. I need time away from my mom too.”

We all needed time away from everyone. When there was clunking sound and we rolled to a stop I feared that was not going to be a reality for a long while.

Shannon: When I was younger I used to wonder what it was like to travel with the cast of a musical, now years later I finally landed myself a spot on a tour, and I’m living out my fantasy. We spend a lot of time in buses, planes, and hotel rooms always flocking together in one big herd. I like traveling with the group, it reminds me of school field trips. The way they can make you feel small, yet important at the same time. Considering you can get lost so easily exploring, but no one would ever let you get left behind.

We are familiar with each other, and know everyone’s name, but we break off into our own family-like subgroups, because you need close friend when you’re on the road. They’re temporary family you can take with you. My group is the dancer-focused singers. We were never good enough to make it on dancing alone, but we pass as multi-talented background. It’s nice to be around people who understand you, and that you can share life experiences with. I wish I could do this job for the rest of my life.

Write about a group that travels in a pack.

One thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 139

  1. The dark enveloped the team completely, shielding their eyes from the magnificence of the brilliant ribbons of light shivering in the deep, dark sky and introducing them to the chaotic dreamlike land the human had fallen into. It took Alia a long time to break through to the other side as she drifted like a leaf in the frozen water, halfway through so her feet dangled in the warm waters of the other side. Beside her, Joss and Zak were also struggling to get across the threshold, until they were suddenly gone. Not a sound or motion of any kind accompanied their passing; it was instantaneous and unnervingly silent.
    When she finally got to the other side, coming up for air to fill her suddenly hollow chest, she was left coughing up metallic water, surrounded by her peers. They gradually made their way to the side of the pool, though were almost too tired from the transition to heave their soaking clothes onto the pale ledge. It was several minutes of heavy panting, rapid blinking at the golden sky, and wrapping their minds around being back.
    Eventually they managed to tear free from their hot jackets and basked in the strange sunlight that could have been filtering through a layer of liquid gold in the sky. Zak was the first to stand up, yawning in the new air that had once been so familiar to them, but now left a bitter aftertaste on their tongues. Nothing around them particularly screamed, “We took your human!” but nothing ever did, here. Things were never exactly as they appeared, or what you expected them to be; after being in that straightforward world for so long, Zak was beginning to realize how annoying that would be. Their plan hadn’t been to stick around much longer than it took to rescue their human again and get back to their new home.
    How difficult could it be? Especially since they’d already done it once.


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