Writing Prompt: Day 148

148.jpgDay 148 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Make a story focusing on temperature. 

Shannon: It’s so hot. We need to find a place to cool down,” I begged my roommate.

“I’ll go get the fan,” she explained, as she jumped up. The heat hadn’t hit her yet.

“Fine, but we need to get out of here and find some AC, or a pool, or preferably a walk-in freezer,” I joked.

“Actually I do have access to a walk-in freezer,” she smiled deviously as she looked back at me.

Erin: I don’t know why I was being punished, just that I was. My body could not handle heat. That’s why I was so cold all the time. The only problem with that was I never attracted other cold people. I always attracted the warmers. Little did they know they were killing me. I was losing hope until the one day I met my ice queen.

Connect us with the hot and/or cold elements of your story.

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Day 148

  1. The Bus lands at the clearing and everyone gets set up. The Novelty were given a room to themselves. August finishes with his gear, watching Josh check over everyone else out of the corner of his eyes. Josh makes sure that Nikki’s gloves are secure and working. He hands Jacey a few more bars of food. Finn is nervous, so Josh squeezes his shoulder a little, in encouragement. Rick is at the computer, headset in and already talking to FitSimmons from across the Bus. Josh does the same to him and Rick takes a second to inhale a deep breath.
    When Josh finishes his rounds, he arrives at August. August doesn’t look his brother in the eye. “Gus-”
    “Is this our life now?” August asks.
    “Maybe. Maybe not. But we are helping. There are innocents in there.”
    “And we’ll save them, but at what cost? Showing SHIELD what we can do?” August asks. Josh turns August to look at him.
    “We will not be separated. That’s a bridge down the road, August. Let’s focus on this one.”
    August nods. He knows Josh can’t handle the role of leader, but he’ll be darned if Josh wasn’t the emotional heart of the group. Josh gives him a bro hug, then finally checks over himself.
    Mack knocks, then steps in, “Ready?”
    “Let’s go,” August says. The team files out, following Mack to the open hangar. Finn tugs at his jacket a little.
    “Hotter than New York, that’s for sure.”
    “Colder at night,” Mack states, “And it’s going to set soon.”
    “Will the weather affect the mission?” August asks, looking at Coulson as he walks over.
    “It shouldn’t. Most of it is inside, and it’s not set to rain.” Coulson tips his head briefly, “Ever-”
    “We go by the Novelty,” August says.
    “Of course, but you are aware that this is not a two team operation, but one.”
    “Understandable, but my team is still our own unit.”
    “I don’t think you heard me-”
    “I heard you fine, Agent Coulson. But regardless if we are working as one team, we,” he motions to the group, “are still different than SHIELD. I hope you remember that when this is over with.”
    Josh leans over to August, “Not now.”
    There’s a tense silence as the two team leaders stare each other down. Finn turns away from them, coughing, “I think I’ll take my jacket off till it’s colder out. Aren’t you boiling, Jacey?”
    Jacey takes the cue, “Yeah, it’s hot out. Makes me miss winter a little.”
    “I think we could all use a cool down,” Josh says. August steps back and turns away.
    “Yeah,” is all he says.


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