Writing Prompt: Day 155

155.jpgDay 155 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character traveling in an unknown universe.

Erin: No one told me that the experimental rocket ball was going to be shot straight out of our universe. The one I was in now had an atmosphere more reminiscent of water than a gas, only more gelatinous. The goo had a purple tinge. There was little planet like squares every mile or so. All the sudden out of nowhere I was flipped upside down and could not steer the ship at all to get it flipped back up. I was starting to feel the blood rush to my head, but that was not my major concern. My number one worry was that I was not the only creature in this universe.

Shannon: From the helicopter I could see the ground was divided into sections of color, instead of objects. It looked like a completed trivial pursuit game piece with all the colors meeting at the center, and the separation line wasn’t jagged. It was a perfectly straight divide, and I didn’t know how it was possible. I was flying over the blue zone into the purple one as a felt a little turbulence and the color of the sky and clouds completely change to purple as well. It was as if each zone was protected by it’s own little dome. I wanted a closer look and I saw an open field for me to land just on the outskirts of the town. Hopefully its inhabitants were friendly.

I stepped out cautiously, expecting an angry crowd to have heard or seen my arrival. “Hey you can’t…” a man’s voice yelled from a distance and I couldn’t yet make out where he was coming from. Suddenly in a flash he was right in front of me, and I couldn’t stop myself from flinching. “What are you?” he questioned, examining my appearance as I examined his. He looked human, but his skin was covered in sliver scales that sparkled like glitter. His eyes were an intense purple, and his hair was a darker shade. All of his clothes were violet too. I watched his plum colored eyebrows lower as I felt his impatience with my lack of response.

“I’m a human and I’m lost,” I explained, confused by how we could speak the same language if he didn’t know what I was.

He looked shocked. “Seriously,” a smile lit up his face.

Bring your character out of this world.

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Day 155

  1. From here I could have sworn the sky had turned to immovable stone shot through with rivers of molten silver and gold, flowing and meshing together in a cacophony of stark elements alive in a motionless universe. At the distant horizon line I watched a rainbow swirl of colours begin to mix with the metal, pushing it down the labyrinth like it was oil in water. But my attention was captured by the strange, wriggling trees that dotted a barren landscape painted slate grey with rice-like granules. The wandering saplings continued in a line, marching toward where I stood, their mighty blue branches writhing in the midnight light. Even as I eyed them nervously, the sight was too captivating to make a sudden move, lest they turn tail and run.
    I cautiously took a few miniscule steps forward with one hand gripping about the smooth ice, which made up enormous dunes behind me, and the other clutching a frozen key to my chest. There was a terrifying moment where I thought I may not be capable of turning around and heading back through the semi-open door I knew would be there, but the horror passed when I remembered to breath.
    Everything faded in an instant as I stepped back through the portal, slamming the shining door behind me.


  2. (I got carried away… *sheepish grin*)

    Heather stares into the void. There’s only a thick plate of glass between her and the vacuum of space.
    It was unreal.
    When Heather boarded the giant ship, she sought out a quiet space away from gladiators, moving, talking piles of rocks, and most importantly, Loki. He’s given her an uneasy hole in her stomach since she first met him, even before she learned who he was.
    It’s unnerving in the least to know that the man who tried to enslave her people is so close to her. Regardless of all the stories she heard Thor tell, she would rather have some alone time, before the battle.
    In her quest for solitude, she found an armory. There were a few gladiators there, who left her alone. She replaced bits of her armor with better pieces. She tests out her movement, then finds a new pair of knives, and even a shield that could work for her. Finally armed, she stands looking out the window.
    She wonders if she’s facing Earth. She feels the cool nothing of space on the glass. Taking a deep breath, she centers her gaze on one star and decides that it’s the sun she knows.
    “Earth isn’t that way.”
    Heather closes her eyes. ‘Break the glass and you die.’
    “I memorized the known realms and the World Tree,” Loki says, stepping up to stand next to her, “Earth is to your back.”
    Heather doesn’t answer.
    “…Not that talkative?”
    Heather puts her hand down, clenching it loosely at her side.
    “You loved talking back on Sakaar. I don’t see the difference.”
    “The difference, Silver Tongue,” Heather says slowly, “is I know who you are.” She turns from the window; the room they are in is big and empty. “Before, I thought you were just a snotty suck up who would give up anything in a heartbeat to save his own skin,” she shrugs.
    “And I thought you were just a lowly slave from a distant planet,” Loki says in turn, “but you ended up being a pathetic human, one my brother apparently knows and cares for.”
    Heather turns around, “And you ended up being the aspiring dictator who tried, quite miserably, to take over earth with a few space whales and an army of armored skeleton people!”
    Heather laughs.
    “Did you seriously think you would succeed? That Earth wasn’t protected? You really need to update your info on humans, Loki, if you plan something like that. We’re known for being stubborn in face of crisis.”
    “Humans are weak. If Thor wasn’t there, you would have fallen,” Loki states.
    “Him and Hulk?” Heather smirks. Loki masks as much fear as he can. “Yeah, I get it. Getting tossed by Hulk isn’t a picnic.”
    “Thor got what he deserved.” Loki turns away. “You do not know anything that I have gone through. You know nothing, mortal.”
    Heather watches his expression in the glass. Either he forgets that it reflects, or he doesn’t care. She can see his eyes falter, and his smirk fade. She knows the expression well.
    Heather walks forward, mocking gone away. She scratches at the glass with a fingernail. “…I lost my dad.”
    “Too bad,” Loki says, turning away.
    “And I didn’t get to say goodbye,” Heather adds. Loki stops for a half second, but continues. “Even with my knee in a brace, I wanted to take on everyone that could have possibly been part of his torture.”
    “And just like a weak mortal, you couldn’t,” Loki says over his shoulder.
    “I blamed myself for so long,” Heather finally says. She doesn’t hear Loki’s footsteps, assuming he’s out of the room. “…They were after me, not my family. But in leaving with Steve… My family was hurt instead. I should have convinced him to stay, and because I wasn’t thinking straight, my family was captured, tortured, Dad ended up in a coma that lasted almost a year, and then he dies six minutes before I reach his room.”
    Heather feels tears on her cheeks. She falls to her knees, then turns to lean her back against the strong glass. She has her eyes closed. She can feel the same pain she felt when she learned he died. It all comes back and the dams she built up can’t stop the rush.
    She suddenly sees it all with clarity: the call, the quinjet, the hospital. She feels the wheelchair beneath her and almost hits a few walls going around corners. She sees the room and she feels a little hopeful, and very scared. She turns into the room, only to feel a black hole suck everything away. A doctor sees her, Steve yells down the hall. The doctor slowly breaks the news, but Heather can’t stop staring at her father. She stumbles to him, but Steve drags her back. She’s screaming. The door closes and she pounds against it. She then falls to the wall, crumpling and sobbing.
    Heather suddenly comes out of the vision. Her wide eyes take in Loki, who is right in front of her. His hand comes away from her forehead. “…Did… Did you do that?”
    Loki is just staring at her.
    “Why!?” Heather pushes him away. He lets her, falling to the floor. Heather gets up. She wipes at her eyes, pacing in random directions. Loki then stands up. “Did you feel what I felt? Did you!?” Heather yells, turning to him.
    “Good.” Heather storms out of the room, unaware of the fact that he wasn’t just meaning during her vision.


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