Writing Prompt: Day 171

171.jpgDay 171 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about seeing the world in a different light.

Erin: When I got moved to 1st shift everyone considered me lucky. I didn’t feel that way. I liked the world in the dark. There were less people out and about at night. Not much was open when I used to get off of work, but the stores with late ours were so pleasantly abandoned at those hours. With even the bars closed down I could go full weekdays without seeing anyone other than my coworkers and college students who served me at my hangouts. I didn’t mind the calm five days and stocked up on my excitement over the weekend. I had so much energy during the hours I was normally at work. Being the life of the party was a breeze. The sunshine and daylight were harsh and they made me average. I liked life in the dark where I felt invincible.

Shannon: “I’ve always been more of a dog person,” I explained as I scooted away from my friend’s new cat. Its big eyes were staring at me, and I’ve never trusted a cats intentions. I didn’t want it to think I was any kind of threat.

“That’s surprising,” she gave me a look as she picked Oliver up to set him on her lap.

“Why? You know I’ve always loved dogs,” I shrugged.

“Yeah,” she quickly agreed, “But if you were an animal you would totally be a cat.”

“What,” I cringed. “I am not,” I disagreed, feeling offended.

“You’re an introvert. You’re independent and you aren’t constantly seeking attention. You’re really sweet when you want to be, but feisty too. Yeah you’re a cat,” she smiled as she tickled the cat’s back.

My eyebrows tightened as I contemplated if she could possibly be right. I never thought of it that way before.

What new perspective has your character been shown?


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