Writing Prompt: Day 186

186.jpgDay 186 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: What are three things your character would never do?

Shannon: Cry in a public movie theater.

Wear designer clothing.

Pass up free food.

Erin: Swim in the ocean after dark.

Wear pink out in public.

Run a marathon.

Where does your character draw the line?

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Day 186

  1. My character would never…
    …step a single toe out of the house without covering at the very least seventy percent of her body with clothing, though most of the time the same could be said for leaving the confines of her bedroom.
    …watch, read about or listen to any entertainment with swearing, thoughts of private acts, or even the mention of violence.
    …speak to any living creature, human or otherwise, without having her early morning coffee complete with a dollop of whole milk, a teaspoon of homemade honey and a quarter cup of the blood of her enemies.


  2. There are three things August decided he never wanted to do:
    1. Move away from New York City. Or live anywhere other than a city for a long, permanent span of time.
    2. Own a pet. He doesn’t think he can take care of another creature very well. Plus, they are a bit annoying.
    3. Fall in love with a morning person. August learned how he’s cranky in the morning. Seeing a cheery face when he might punch them is not as great as it sounds.
    These are three things August decided he’d never do. …And then he met Heather.


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