Writing Prompt: Day 191

191 (1).jpgDay 191 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Someone predicts a character’s future.

Erin: “Hello my dear,” the palm reader immediately grabbed my hand.

“Hello,” I echoed. “I’m here because…”

“Don’t tell me with your mouth, tell me with these,” she smiled at my palms.

“Okay,” I obliged mentally zipping my mouth shut.

“I see you are in love.” She smiled up at me and I tried not to give away anything with my face. “But you are questioning your heart. Don’t fall into societies expectations my dear. Just because the brain is what we test, it does not mean it is any wiser than the pull of your heart. Don’t fight instincts.”

“That advice is helpful,” I stood up feeling our minute was up, or about to be.

“I’m glad, good luck with your love.”

I was thinking for some time she was a complete sham, but that sentence changed my mind. I had no romantic prospects, but I did have a love. I had my passion and my dream and a job that I could see being the rest of my working career. For a person like me that may have been the most important love of all. “I think we’ll be just fine.”

Shannon: “Why are you looking at me like that?” my boyfriend questioned, catching me staring longer than usual.

I looked away and scanned the rest of the museum again. “Are you sure we’ve never been here before?”

He shook his head. “It’s a new exhibit.”

“But I dreamed about this exact room. I saw all of these painting,” I explained, feeling like a crazy person. “How is that possible?”

“Did you look up the museum online?”

I thought for a second if I had ever accidently stumbled upon it. “No.”

“Maybe,” he was hesitant, “you saw the future?” He shrugged. “And, play along with me, let’s say you did. What happens next?”

“You find something under…” I paused, feeling the same way I did in the dream. The odd case he found under a statue’s foot made me feel uneasy, like I was seeing a different side of him, a darker side.

“Under what,” he pressed, a little too eager.

“Under one of those rocks outside the building,” I lied to see how he would react.

He tried to hold back his excitement, but I saw the slight smirk before it disappeared from his face.

You are not the only one who knows what the future of your character’s holds.


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