Writing Prompt: Day 217

217.jpgDay 217 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about something that is not as perfect as it seems.

Shannon: “I wish I had your life,” my friend revealed.

“What? No you don’t,” I quickly brushed her off.

“Are you kidding? Who wouldn’t want your life? You basically won the lottery of lives. You have the perfect husband, house, job…should I go on, because I can,” she smiled.

I shook my head, trying to understand how she could feel that way when I had seen such a different side of everything. “However perfect those things look, they’re not perfect. Nothing is. Each of those things takes a lot of work, and I get really frustrated with them sometimes. Don’t get me wrong I love my life, but I honestly don’t think you’d choose to trade if you knew all the details.”

She smirked, and let out a laugh. “Is it bad that I’m happy about that?”

I shrugged, “Nah, perfect is boring.” I placed my hand on my chest dramatically, “I’m proud of my problems.”

Erin: “There is no way you two are braking up.”

“Well we are,” I assured her.

“How is that even possible. You always looked so happy in all your posts,” she sounded so upset. Like our lack of perfection was a letdown of all of her hopes and dreams. That was precisely the problem though.

In trying to convince the whole world of our flawless relationship we just kept finding more flaws our self. When we saw the beach picture all Adam could remember the 156 attempts that took up our time over swimming and paddle boarding. The picture I took on our anniversary led to a fight about living in the moment and not for our “couple brand.” All the happy pictures were laced in unhappy memories and all the unhappy memories faded due to them not being document. All we could see was doom. Only strangers believed in us anymore.

“It was all a facade,” and toward the end it was.

Reveal the imperfect.


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