Writing Prompt: Day 243

243.jpgDay 243 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Be inspired by the Randy Pausch quote. “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the game.”

Erin: She was the kind of girl who never got upset. At least if she did she wasn’t the kind of girl who reacted when she got upset. She was stone faced no matter if everything was going to shit or if everything was going her way. She was the definition of stability.

Shannon: I was born with a desire to act, but I soon learned after many auditions that I didn’t have the look of a main character. I was always a sidekick, a buddy, or any other supporting character. Good enough to deserve a part, but never worthy of the best one, and there wasn’t anything I could do to change it.

Then one day I decided to stop auditioning to fit into their roles. I started searching for characters like me, and not the ones hiding in the background. They had to be the lead. It wasn’t an easy search, but my characters where out there. I could shine a light on them, and I did.

What’s in your character’s cards?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 243

  1. “I used to think that if I changed my choices in the past, I would be happy,” Heather admits.
    August looks at her, quietly listening.
    “If I never met Steve, I would have lived here with a normal life. If I convinced him to stay and fight, my family wouldn’t be scarred as they are. If I never got the serum, I wouldn’t have been hurt, or seen others get hurt,” she lists off.
    “I sense a ‘but’ coming,” August says softly.
    Heather lets out a long sigh, “I don’t like the cards I’ve been given, but if I didn’t, I never would have met any of my friends. I wouldn’t have grown, even though I don’t like the method. And as I’m back here, after traveling to a secret country, a different planet -or two- and all over the world with SHIELD?” Heather chuckles, looking at August, “I’m thankful for everything I have to come home to.”
    “We all have cards we wish we didn’t have,” August admits. He holds her closer, “but I’m glad that one in my deck is you.”
    “…Your card in my deck got me through more than I thought one card could,” Heather adds, keeping to the theme.
    August chuckles, kissing her forehead, “Life isn’t done with us yet.”
    “But we’re ready for it.”
    “Maybe.” Heather snuggles into his arm more, “But I’d rather be unprepared with you, than ready without.”


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