Writing Prompt: Day 249

249.jpgDay 249 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a society that uses something unique as currency.

Erin: The thing about money is that it is only paper and cheap metal. When the value of it returns to just that, all prestige from wealth dissipated. When the value of the dollar was diminished to that of dust that’s exactly what happened. The only value of a citizen was the goods they could produce and the services they could provide. If one of ours couldn’t trade their value for what others could provide they were on their own. There was no easy way out. Life was hard and working to get work back was an exhausting cycle lacking rest.

The rich became poor and the poor became rich. The famous couldn’t get the time of day from anyone, and those who made a living off of their trade suddenly knew the only professions that counted in an eye for an ear society.

Shannon: In my town we pay for things with potions and spells. Magic is the currency because when you can conjure up everything you could ever need, who needs money? You do have to be good with spells, if you’re going to sell them. Keeping up a good reputation is very important. Otherwise, no one will buy your goods, and you have to come up with a different way to survive.

What type of bacon do your characters bring home.

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