Writing Prompt: Day 265

265.jpgDay 265 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a list of what your character needs to buy for a party.

Erin: Food, Alcohol, Speakers, Garbage Bags, and More Toilet Paper

Shannon: Cake, Streamers, Balloons, Tablecloths, Glow sticks, Candy

Shopping list time.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 265

  1. (Ehh… Not a list. But… Can you blame me?)

    ‘Okay, where’s the caramel…’ Josh thinks to himself. He’s already got a cart with streamers, balloons, and a few condiments for the ice cream and cake. The caramel is suddenly at his right, so he takes a jar and places it in the cart. After finishing with the ice cream and picking up the cake he ordered, he moves to the pick up section for online orders.
    They have the French book his mom ordered. He peruses through the movies while he was on the way to the clothes section. He finds a movie in a medieval setting that August hasn’t seen yet. He then makes it to the cashier. After he puts everything in the car and starts the engine, he pauses.
    Then his palm hits his forehead.
    “I forgot the wrapping paper!”


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