Writing Prompt: Day 268

268.jpgDay 268 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character getting abducted by an unknown species.

Shannon: They were strange creatures, lots of humane features, but they also had some enhancements as well. They had colorful fur in places where humans had hair. They seem to find my hair fascinating as they rubbed it between their fingers. One thought he hurt me after he accidently pulled a strand out. I gave a delayed squeal, and pet a chunk lovingly, hoping it would keep them from trying it again. When he covered my mouth and looked around to make sure no one heard, I figured it must have worked.

Erin: “Where are you taking me?” I nearly lost my voice with how many times I had screamed that exact sentence. I didn’t get any answers. My captors didn’t even talk though so my breath was being wasted. All those little colorful goo balls did was squish and stretch in subtle ways that seemed to mean something to them. Bouncing with a splat on the floor was the only sound I heard outside of the ones I was creating. That was until the crash.

The crash halted our movement. The head squishy used his laser eyes to set me free and a path was illuminating the outside. The door to the outside was glowing too bright for me to see what I was getting into. I could only hope there would be at least one other living creature who communicate through a verbal language.

Who has your character?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 268

  1. Heather closes her eyes as the bright lights and droning voice about being ‘found’ pass by. She opens her eyes to find herself stuck in the same chair, in front of a man on a throne with girls at his feet. And guards lining the walls.
    And he’s staring at her.
    ‘What have I gotten into?’


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