Writing Prompt: Day 275

275.jpgDay 275 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about something that has multiple layers beneath the surface.

Erin: There was a certain point in life where everyone stopped being my perception of them. I never took a human as the face value I had slapped on them. Mr. Ken was one of those people. He was the most pretentious of all of the teachers at Lincoln High. He thought so little of all of us. One day however I found out that he lost his daughter only a few years prior to .my freshman year. She was valedictorian of her class, one of the smartest classes to ever pass through the halls of our school. He wanted us all to live up to her. His hopes were too high for most of us though. That discrepancy lead to misunderstanding and frustration.

Shannon: She couldn’t be classified by one thing. That didn’t do her justice. Most people are easy to understand, but she’s a puzzle until you get used to her. When I first met her I was on the same assumption as everyone else: she was sour and cold. Then I peeled back a few layers and learned that wasn’t the only side to her. There was a lot to admire.

What layers make up the whole? 

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 275

  1. The plan was simple enough. There was a disturbance created on the other side of the compound. While SHIELD was busy there, Nikki and Finn worked at dismantling the wall where the cell was located. Jacey, Josh, and May were on guard duty while they work on it.
    “Almost through?” Josh asks.
    “…How about now?” He asks after there is a significant noise behind him.
    “No, Jade. There are many layers to this wall. How Jacey got the bottle to them is a mystery in itself.”
    “…By layers, you mean-”
    Nikki turns around and whacks Josh in the head with a bit of dirt. “I mean there are a lot of bricks so stop distracting me.”
    Josh is silent as she continues to work. Finn’s attempts were futile, so he helps with clearing her work space. Nikki uses her gloves to dissolve chunks of the wall at a time. There’s a sizable dent in the wall after fifteen minutes. The group can hear the assault on the other side of the compound.
    May calls to Nikki when soldiers arrive at their area of the wall, “Work faster.”
    Nikki takes another chunk of wall away, finding a small opening. “Ghost!”
    “I hear you. It’s almost big enough to fit one of us through, keep going.”
    While Nikki works on the outside, the group trapped uses powers or strength to pull at loose bricks. The first of them crawls out, and August makes sure he’s the last. “Everyone’s out, let’s go!”
    Jacey changes into an animal big enough to carry the remaining kids, but fast enough to get away. August runs after her, Josh next to him. Nikki is tired, so she’s carried by Coulson.


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