Writing Prompt: Day 277

277.jpgDay 277 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about someone who wants to get in.

Erin: “Why do you want to get into that stupid school,” my friend asked condescendingly.

“They hold my future I explained,” freaking out.

“No, you do.”

Shannon: My older sister took me by the wrist yanked me away from the glass. “It’s not for us,” she growled. “Stop looking.

“Maybe you’re wrong. Maybe I could,” I was sick of hearing I didn’t have a shot at the only thing I wanted.

“You think you’re so different,” she shook her head. “Go ahead, you want to be a part of tat word. “Give it a try. Keep chasing something you’ll never get. Don’t come crying to me when you find out I was right,” she push my shoulder in frustration.

What must your character do? 

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