Writing Prompt: Day 277

277.jpgDay 277 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about someone who wants to get in.

Erin: “Why do you want to get into that stupid school,” my friend asked condescendingly.

“They hold my future I explained,” freaking out.

“No, you do.”

Shannon: My older sister took me by the wrist yanked me away from the glass. “It’s not for us,” she growled. “Stop looking.

“Maybe you’re wrong. Maybe I could,” I was sick of hearing I didn’t have a shot at the only thing I wanted.

“You think you’re so different,” she shook her head. “Go ahead, you want to be a part of tat word. “Give it a try. Keep chasing something you’ll never get. Don’t come crying to me when you find out I was right,” she push my shoulder in frustration.

What must your character do? 

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 277

  1. After Nikki was saved by the group of masked heroes, she tried to learn where they were. And when she finally did (how… they aren’t sure), she practically begged them to let her join. She had no powers, or experience with fighting, but she wanted to help.
    They declined her entry.
    That was that, until Rick noticed her at lunch with a notebook full of elements and chemistry formulas. He watched her as she opened to a new page and started a new one. She wrote out the periodic squares for each formula, then broke it down or combined them over the page.
    And she had no periodic table next to her.
    He told everyone else and it was a unanimous, yet still hesitant, vote that she be inducted into the team.


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