Writing Prompt: Day 281

281.jpgDay 281 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a parent’s wishes for their child.

Erin: I want my daughter to be as strong as a I would suspect from a son. I want her to have a happy, fulfilling life on her own. Her worth should come from the entirety of herself and experiences, not her dress size. I hope she never gives up on a dream that matters to her. If she finds love, I want her partner to respect her as an equal in their life together. If she doesn’t find a life partner I hope she doesn’t doubt her life is full, and beautiful. Most importantly I wish her a life that brings her as much happiness as she brings me.

Shannon: I want my child to be brave. I want her to always stand up for what she believes in, even when that’s not the easy choice. I want her to be smart, so she can always be confident in her arguments but open-minded enough to hear everyone out. I hope she’s kind and has no intentions to cause anyone any harm. I hope she finds her place in this world, and that she doesn’t believe she has to change who she’ll always truly be just to find it. I hope she believes in herself, and believes in a lot more. I hope she ends up happy, really, really happy. If she’s happy, I’m happy.

What are your character’s wishes?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 281

  1. Carina answered the door when there was a pounding knock. On the other side, she found her brother, and her niece.
    “Thomas, come in,” Carina says, opening the door more. He doesn’t move though. “It’s pouring out.”
    Thomas looks at his shivering girl, then ushers her inside. He then leaves and goes to the car.
    Carina kneels down and helps Nikki with her coat, “Let’s get you warmed up, okay?”
    “Is Momma here?” Nikki asks.
    Carina’s eyes fill with sorrow. She pulls the soaked girl in for a hug, “No, darling. She isn’t. Your momma… well…” she takes a breath, “she’s not coming home.”
    “Why not?” Nikki asks. “Is it Daddy? Why wouldn’t Momma want to see Daddy? Daddy loves her, I know it.
    “Or…” Nikki looks down, “does Momma not want to see me?”
    Carina tilts the girl’s head up, “No, Nikki, it’s just… you know how God is watching over us?”
    “And he decides the best times for things?”
    Nikki nods.
    “Well… he decided it was the best time for Momma to meet him. But… she isn’t coming back after.”
    Nikki starts to tear up, “I’m never seeing Momma again?”
    “You will, just, not until he calls you home, okay? You still have much to do here.”
    Nikki sniffles into her aunt’s shoulder.
    Thomas comes back into the house, carrying a few bags.
    Carina looks at him questioningly, then says, “Why don’t you go pick out a tea you want.” Nikki goes off to the kitchen. Carina stands, folding Nikki’s coat. “What are you doing?”
    “I can’t take care of her,” Thomas says, “she needs a mother figure-”
    “And she needs a father too,” Carina says.
    “…Carina,” Thomas says, defeated, “she’s all I have left of her mother and… I can’t mess it up. I can’t do this without her.”
    “You can and you will. You two can stay here for a little, and then-” Thomas looks at her with defeat. “…Nothing I say will change your mind.”
    “…Does she know?”
    “She knows she’s staying here for a month.”
    “Are you coming back after that?”
    “I… I don’t know.”
    “So you’re abandoning her. And you aren’t even going to tell her why,” Carina sighs.
    “If you’re going to go, then just leave, Thomas. At least someone still wants her.”
    She turns to the kitchen, regretting her words with every step. When she turns around at the entrance, her brother is gone, leaving the bags of Nikki’s things.


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