Writing Prompt: Day 283

283Day 282 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write one character from seven perspectives…today is his/her sibling.

Erin: He gets all the attention and I refuse to give him anymore.

Shannon: My brother doesn’t really like me anymore. We hardly ever talk. We mostly just argue now that we’re older. We hung out when we were younger, but I wouldn’t want to be a part of that anymore. Not with the crowd he hangs out with. I guess I can’t say I know a whole lot about him, except the fact that his new hobby seems to be spending as much time as possible in detention.

What does their sibling have to say?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 283

  1. (Not a literal sibling, but a brother in Christ. Nikki is an only child…)

    Heather agreed to go with Nikki to her church’s high school event. Everyone else in the group were busy that night. They arrive and walk in. Heather keeps mostly to herself, at Nikki’s side. Nikki takes the time to introduce her to some friends they pass. Eventually, Heather gets a snack and sits at one of the tables. She watches Nikki for a little, seeing her in a different light than she had before.
    Heather turns to look at a guy that just walked up to her.
    “You look a little lonely there, may I?”
    Heather nods, “Go ahead.”
    He sits, “I’m Harry.”
    “You came with Nikki right? I think I’ve seen you at school.”
    “Yeah, Nikki brought me.” Heather tilts her head a little, looking at Harry, “…You do look familiar.”
    He sips at his soda, then looks out, “Do you know anyone else?”
    “Other than the names I heard coming in, not really. I mostly keep to myself.”
    “Except for Nikki’s group at school,” Harry adds.
    “…Yeah.” Heather takes a bite of her nachos. “But, you know, I haven’t gotten to know Nikki that well. We don’t… I don’t know,” Heather says thoughtfully, “she’s into science, and I’ve never liked sticking around to listen to her. We just don’t click.”
    Harry is silent for a moment. Nikki is pulled into a game with pipes forming nine slots, hitting a blow up ball around like volleyball.
    “…I’ve found Nikki to be…”
    Heather looks away from the game and back at Harry.
    “Detailed,” he finishes, “she never leaves a project finished. She’s ever observant.”
    “I don’t see how she could be so good- so great!- at her chemistry know-how without it,” Harry admits, “and she transfers that over to people as well.”
    “…I haven’t noticed.”
    “I think she realized that you needed space, with a new environment,” Harry explains, “so she didn’t pull you into nine-square right away.” Harry looks at Nikki, “but something tells me she wants you to try the game.”
    Heather watches the next round, “It does look fun.”
    Harry stands up, “Then let’s go. And Heather, there’s more to Nikki than science. She just might surprise you.”


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