Writing Prompt: Day 292

292.jpgDay 292 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Your character believes they are being followed.

Shannon: Lately I’ve felt weird like there’s this presence that’s following me. I don’t think it’s a person, because if it is I never see them. Maybe it’s a ghost, or a guardian angel. Either way I never feel alone, and that’s not bad feeling.

Erin: When I was younger I just had a feeling that I was always being watched over. It wasn’t until I was older that I started to see her. My mother. She was gone and I wasn’t denying that. But her spirit was with me. No one would believe me, so I kept what I saw and heard to myself. For all they knew I was a motherless child, but at least I was sane.

Follow the leader.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 292

  1. The group split up to cover more ground, looking for the Kaplite Bonder that was calling himself Absolute Zero. They still don’t know what he can do. Proton-ess and Jade headed off toward the South, keeping an eye out and listening to Command as he relayed any information they might need.
    Proton-ess thinks she sees a shadow move. “Jade?”
    “I think I saw something.”
    They stop and look at the spot. But nothing happens. “Let’s go.”
    Proton-ess shakes it off, continuing. She thinks she sees something again, but ignores it.
    But then she senses a presence behind them. Jade jumps to the next flat rooftop, but Proton-ess stops and looks around without signaling him.
    Someone grabs her, dragging her behind the legs of a water tower. She turns to punch the person, but then she’s knocked to the ground, out cold.


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