Writing Prompt: Day 295

295Day 295 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a nightmare.

Erin: I have a reoccurring dream where my friend pushes me off of a ledge. Normally I wake up mid fall. This time I didn’t, and I’m starting to worry it wasn’t a dream.

Shannon: I had a bad dream the other day where I was trying to get away from a dark figure that was chasing me. I couldn’t lose him and he got better at hunting me down as the dream progressed. I was making all of these illogical moves until I was finally caught. Then I woke up, before I could even see what he wanted.

Let’s write a bad dream.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 295

  1. Nikki gets settled in the Everts’ living room. She has one of the couches, while Finn takes the other one, Jacey is curled up on the armchair with the leg rest extended, and Rick and the two hosts curled up on mattresses on the floor.
    This is the first post mission sleepover Nikki’s been part of. She can’t sleep, but she takes note of her new teammates. She can tell Josh isn’t sleeping, and he frequently opens his eye to look at his brother. August is asleep, but his face isn’t peaceful. Finn’s fingers twitch every few moments. Rick is deliberately positioned close to his cousin. And Jacey is calm.
    Nikki is about to roll over and try to sleep herself, but then she sees Jacey’s face crease. She sits up as Jacey starts to mumble to herself. Josh is already up, stepping around Rick. “Jacey…” he whispers.
    “No, get away,” she mumbles, weakly pushing at nothing.
    “Jacey, wake up,” Josh tries again, trying to be quiet.
    “No!” Jacey wakes up, pushing forward. As she sits up, she collides with Josh. He wraps his arms around her, shushing softly. “…She was there…” Jacey whimpers.
    Nikki is watching from the couch. She sees tears spring up from her friend’s eyes. Rick is now up, rubbing Jacey’s back. He looks at Nikki. “Can you get a heat pack from the closet?”
    Nikki nods, moving to help. She hears the three talk about someone named Roberts with ice powers, and once again tells herself how little she knows about this group.


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