Writing Prompt: Day 312

312 copyDay 312 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about soulmates who refuse to be together.

Shannon: “He’s waiting. Are you going to go to him?” Adam questioned.

My lip trembled as I took a moment to think. I shook my head before I could let the idea take me too far.

“What ‘s wrong with you two,” Adam let out a disappointed huff. “You pick up where he ends and he does the same for you. I see you too flow together like you’ve know each other your whole lives, and I want to find something like that, but I doubt I’ll ever be that lucky. Why are you both so hell-bent on staying apart?” He had a quite anger, the worst kind.

I didn’t need a reminder that I’d regret this. As I held back tears, I sternly told him, “It’s dangerous. Bad things happen when we’re together. He knows that too. He shouldn’t be here, but I understand. I need to protect everyone,” I breathed in to steady my voice, “Not just our hearts,” I whispered, wiping my eye before a tear could fall.

Erin: “We keep running into each other,” Lances sly smile covered his face.

“Stalking me much,” I teased.

“It’s not my fault the universe won’t give up on the fire we have.”

“I’m married,” I reminded.

“For now,” he challenged looking into my eyes and moving to the next table.

Star-Crossed Lovers by choice.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 312

  1. “So… she wants to break up?”
    August sighs, his hand already buried in his hair, “I don’t know. She refused to acknowledge my existence.”
    “Didn’t Captain Rogers say before that her memory is so vivid she can see them visually?” Nikki tries to help.
    “Yeah,” Finn says, “maybe she just thought you weren’t really there?”
    “But I touched her shoulder,” August says, “I held her hand and brushed a tear from her cheek. Memories don’t do that.”
    The group goes silent.
    “…I don’t know what is going on with her-”
    “She believed you were dead,” Josh says.
    “I know, you said-”
    “No, August, I said we thought you were dead,” Josh states.
    August looks up.
    Josh’s eyes are tilted down, like it pains for him to say, “She believed it. As in, went through the five stages of grief. She had dreams that were the perfect life she wanted, and it nearly broke her each morning because you were part of it.”
    August feels his face fall as what his brother tells him sinks in, and how it matches how Heather was acting.
    “She buried you, August.”
    “I get it.” August sighs, “I… Was leaving the right thing to do? What if she needs someone with her, like last-”
    “None of us are in the same spot we were before,” Rick says, “Heather is definitely not the same since you last saw her. August, she knows you are alive, and she knows you still love her, yes?”
    “Yes,” August answers.
    “Then you did the right thing. You gave her space to decide what she wants, and to process it all on her own. She is her own person.”
    “Your presence would probably suffocate her right now,” Jacey suggests.
    August nods slowly, “Okay. …But what do I do? I was so close, then others pushed me away. But now… it’s Heather pushing me away. What will I do if she decides she doesn’t want me?”
    Josh puts a hand on his shoulder, looking his brother in the eye, “You two have something that I only read in Mom’s daily journals. It’s not a fairytale, but you two love each other. Heather hasn’t lost that. Even if you really died, she never would.”
    “…I hate that she had to live without me.”
    “I think you two could live without each other,” Nikki states.
    Everyone looks at her, “What?”
    “I’m saying your life does not depend on Heather, and vice versa,” Nikki explains, “you two are two whole people alone. If you lived separate it would hurt, at first, but it wouldn’t kill you.”
    Nikki smiles.
    “It’s not that you have to be with each other, but that you want to. You need to trust that Heather wants to.”
    Finn looks on. Everyone can see that August and Heather are soulmates, but when separation and hurt come between them… He prays they can work it out.


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