Writing Prompt: Day 312

312 copyDay 312 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about soulmates who refuse to be together.

Shannon: “He’s waiting. Are you going to go to him?” Adam questioned.

My lip trembled as I took a moment to think. I shook my head before I could let the idea take me too far.

“What ‘s wrong with you two,” Adam let out a disappointed huff. “You pick up where he ends and he does the same for you. I see you too flow together like you’ve know each other your whole lives, and I want to find something like that, but I doubt I’ll ever be that lucky. Why are you both so hell-bent on staying apart?” He had a quite anger, the worst kind.

I didn’t need a reminder that I’d regret this. As I held back tears, I sternly told him, “It’s dangerous. Bad things happen when we’re together. He knows that too. He shouldn’t be here, but I understand. I need to protect everyone,” I breathed in to steady my voice, “Not just our hearts,” I whispered, wiping my eye before a tear could fall.

Erin: “We keep running into each other,” Lances sly smile covered his face.

“Stalking me much,” I teased.

“It’s not my fault the universe won’t give up on the fire we have.”

“I’m married,” I reminded.

“For now,” he challenged looking into my eyes and moving to the next table.

Star-Crossed Lovers by choice.

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