Writing Prompt: Day 315

315Day 315 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Stick your character in a place they can’t escape.

Erin: When I woke up in the tiny box like room I had this gut feeling the worst year of my life was beginning. When I saw Kens beady eyes in front of the locked door I knew it was.

Shannon: I concluded that I wasn’t getting out this place today, probably not tomorrow, and if I was unlucky enough it could be years from now. I’m making a promise to myself on this sheet of paper that I’ll never give up. I’ll always fight to make my way back to the world I once new. I won’t forget it. I will never let myself be satisfied here, because I know where I belong.

What does your character do when they can’t get out?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 315

  1. Finn looks around as he tries to get his hands free. ‘Can’t reach my pencil,’ he lists off, ‘there’s nothing to animate. Think Finn, think!’
    Finn then looks up, a question coming to his mind.
    ‘Who trapped me here?’


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