Writing Prompt: Day 317

317Day 317 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Take a quiz to determine your character’s spirit animal and write a story based on the results.

Erin: Tiger, a cool spirit animal, right? Except it’s so cliche. Sometimes I wish i could trade in my stripes, but i know who I am.

Shannon: “Why do you want my help?” I narrowed my eyes, unable to see how I fit into the equation.

“Your tattoo shows you have a butterfly spirit animal, and I’m looking for a transformation. I need someone who can help me with that. Someone open to consistent change, preferably some who craves it. You’re bored here, aren’t you? Come with me,” he tempted.

I smiled because what he said was true, but I needed more than that. “Show me your animal,” I demanded.

He lifted his shirt sleeve without hesitation to reveal a crow tattoo, and flashed his ice blue eyes up waiting for my reaction.

“I’ve never met crow,” I whispered, understanding why he kept it hidden.

“You may never again,” he smirked. He was very persuasive, but then again he could be using magic on me. It didn’t matter though, because I longed for what he could offer. I was sick of safe. I knew there had to be more out there, and I wanted to see it. “Yes or no?” He interrupted the wheels spinning in my head.


Discover your character’s spirit animal.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 317

  1. Finn stands in the living room, the team around him. “Before Finn shows us, does everyone understand why we did this?” August asks.
    Jacey raises her hand, saying, “Because if we understand who each other are, personality wise, then we know how we can work together.”
    August nods, “Okay, Finn, show us.”
    “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you-” he draws the curtain hiding the painting away, “-our spirit animals!”
    Everyone stares for a second.
    “Wait wait wait, who is the lion?” August asks, looking at the lion in the corner, “and why is it close to my animal?”
    Finn points to Jacey, “Lion.”
    Josh snickers, looking at August, “You’re the goat?”
    August glares, “Yes I’m the goat, that’s what the quiz said. I think that it was faulty.”
    “For anyone wondering,” Nikki states, “I am not the deer.”
    Finn rubs his toe into the carpet, sheepishly smiling, “I know. That’s me.”
    Everyone stares at Finn.
    Rick breaks the ice, “…I did not see that coming.”


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