Writing Prompt: Day 342

342Day 342 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Describe your character’s favorite ornament.

Shannon: There’s this ornament on my mom’s tree that you connect to a small tree light. It’s a forest tree with a squirrel in one tree hollow and a racoon in the other. They look so peaceful with warm light shining on them. I wish I could be there.

Erin: The glitter fairy that her daughter made is far more precious than any of the hand blown ornaments could be.

Let’s decorate!

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 342

  1. Rick and Jacey have their own favorite ornaments that they love seeing on the tree every year. Rick had made Jacey an ornament from a design he found for an ogee style. But instead of using felt, like they suggested in the tutorial, he used metal, as well as a few pieces of the ore that gave her her powers in the middle. Jacey loves it, and keeps it in her room whenever it isn’t Christmas.
    In turn, Jacey made Rick an ornament as well. She took a lightbulb and put glue in the rounded area. She sprinkled a bunch of snow-looking glitter and fuzz inside, then put down more glue, sticking a tiny tree in the middle of it all. She wrote his name on the metal part of the lightbulb and hangs it by a red and white braided string. Rick adores her craftsmanship, knowing she didn’t look up the idea online like he did.


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