354Day 354 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a child with a secret power they are unaware of.

Shannon: “Why do animals always follow you around,” Jacob questioned.

“I don’t know, I guess they like me,” I shrugged before petting the neighbor’s cat that laid down on my feet.

“Yeah right. Every animal just likes you,” he rolled his eyes. “Are you hiding treats? Empty your pockets,” he demanded.

I did to reveal they were empty.

“Something is weird about you,” he shook his head, still trying to figure it out.

Erin: He didn’t even know he was controlling his parents.

Children are powerful.

1 thought on “WRITING PROMPT: DAY 354

  1. When Jacey first moved into her uncle’s house, her cousin Rick didn’t want to interact with her. She was just a year younger than him, but he found her so annoying. She was always asking him to play with her, or wanting to help in the workshop, when she had no clue what she was doing. So he stopped trying and ignored her.
    One day, Chris was on an errand, trusting Rick to watch his cousin. He was planning on making sure she has a snack and in the house, then he’d go and work on something alone. But when she came in she was strangely quiet. Rick starts to leave, mildly concerned, but he’s stopped when Jacey hugs him from behind.
    He wants to peel her off, but he feels water down his back. He turns around and sees she’s crying. “Rick,” she asks, “do you hate me too?”
    Rick looks at Jacey curiously, “No. Wait, who hates you?”
    “…People at school,” Jacey says, sniffing. Rick sits down with her. Jacey sits at the chair next to him and looks at the floor. “No one talks to me… They think I’m weird.”
    “Do you talk to anyone?” Rick asks.
    “Well, maybe that’s why no one talks to you,” Rick decides.
    “You’re the new kid. No one knows you. You need to start going up to others and tell them your name.” Rick sighs, “You are very friendly, Jacey.”
    “Why don’t you play with me?” Jacey asks.
    “…Because I’m…” Rick sees Jacey’s sad green eyes, realizing the impact he’s made ignoring her. “Because I’m not used to having… another… I mean sharing… my dad,” Rick explains, “It’s been us two for a while and… I didn’t have any warning.”
    “So you didn’t want me to be here,” Jacey says, looking down.
    “No, no no no, Jacey,” Rick says quickly, “that meant I didn’t know you were going to be here. But… I want to try to…”
    “…Be friends?” Jacey asks, sitting on her hands as she bounces slightly.
    Rick smiles, “Yeah, friends.”
    The next days, Jacey came home, talking about the friends she made at school. Rick noticed that, when applied, Jacey had the ability to brighten anyones day. And he can’t believe it used to annoy him whenever she was around.


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