5 Ways to Get in the Writing Mood

Writing Mood

When you start writing a novel everything is shiny and brand new. However, to plan for the inevitable walls you’ll hit along the way, you need to take time before tackling a new project to fully get into the writing mood. That’s why we’re going to cover things we do before deep diving into plotting. With a strong start the momentum can typically overcompensate for any loss in productivity. These should also be kept in mind if you get stuck anywhere along the way. So here are the activities we have been doing to get ready for our next writing adventure, and would love to share with you.

Consuming Inspirational Audio and Videos

There are so many inspirational resources available to watch and listen to while you’re out and about. Here are a few:

Podcasts: There are variety of amazing podcasts easily available for whatever device is on hand. Not only are there great writing ones, but there are plenty focused on creativity and side projects. Hearing other people’s inspirational journeys is always a great way to push for similar ambition. Podcasts are also a great way to make semi-productive activities even more useful. Anytime your body is busy, but your brain is not working to full capacity, podcasts are available. Personally my favorite activities to pair them with are driving and cleaning.

Videos: A great option for when you have time to sit down and consume media is to watch writers’ YouTube videos. It can be therapeutic to see and hear another writer talk about their ups and downs in their writing process. Even watching a favorite movie or TV show involving a writer is a great push.


Another way to spark your passion again is to remind yourself what created the passion in the first place. Pick up a favorite book or one that’s high on your reading list. Getting lost in a book can easily lead to getting lost in the writing mood.

Using Prompts and Exercises

Writing small manageable short stories is a less intimidating way to start getting words on paper. There are plenty of great free writing prompts online. There are also some great books available. They can be a good change of pace if you choose to hand-write them because you access a different creative section of the brain.

Creating a Writing Zone

Another great way to prep for weeks of writing is to create a designated writing zone. First things first, a trusty laptop, or maybe a favorite notebook is one of the most important elements. From there start working on the seating situation. There is really no right or wrong choice. A comfortable recliner could be your most effective motivator and a beautiful desk could be someone elses. Inspirational material surrounding the area is also a good idea. Looking up and seeing encouragement might just help when you feel like giving up.

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