365 Days of Writing Prompts

Dear Internet,

Writing is hard, we know. We also know having someone to hold us accountable helps. You will be that person for us Internet… or whatever word can be used to classify you. Here and now we are promising to write for you every day. If any one else should stumble into this dusty corner of the web they can join us with their stories in the comments. These prompts serve to challenge us and keep us honest. We are trusting you to help us build a habit and will not let you down. Talk to you in a bit!


The Pelky Sisters

8 thoughts on “365 Days of Writing Prompts

  1. Hi there! My boyfriend & I have been writing to your prompts (starting at the beginning, of course) since July 31st & it’s helped us so much! We’re finally getting into writing everyday thanks to you guys, you rock!
    Were you serious about commenting our short stories based on your prompts? If so, we’d love to share our stories with you, since you’ve shared yours with us.


  2. Hi! I want to use these prompts this year. So, you will be the person keeping me accountable in a way. I still don’t know which character to use for this (Is this writing about a character? Do you keep it consistent, or…)


  3. Hi! Found interesting challenge from Pinterest and I’m very intrigued to try it, though the thing is, that I’m Finnish and would like to write my texts in my mother tongue. I’d like to publish my texts on my own writing site (and give you the credit for the prompts, of course), so I just want to check is that okay?


  4. Hi, I also found this challenge on Pinterest. Because I’m a teenager, (does not think before committing themselves to a big challenge) I am going to start today on a regular Wednesday right before Finals, sixteen days past January first. Maybe I’ll catch up on prompts over the year and finish on December 31 despite the fact it wouldn’t be a full year. I want to make myself be accountable so I will (hopefully) be on the comments. 🙂


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