Writing Prompt: Day 5


Day 5 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Your Character was tricked into drinking a potion and is slowly realizing the effects.

Erin: “Do you want to go get some ice cream,” a random girl came up to ask me.

“I’m Trish, nice to meet you,” I sassed picking at the cherry tomatoes I had left on my plate.

“I don’t get you. Is that supposed to be funny,” her left eyebrow rose into a point. “I’ve seen you eat ice cream, I know you like sweets.”

“If that is not the creepiest thing I have ever heard, I don’t know what is? If you think someone gets this body by eating that junk you are insane, I would not touch anything more rich that fro-yo. I’m waiting for my boyfriend to come back. Please leave me alone.”

The waiter came to pick up our dishes and looked to me as the girl said, “You don’t have to wait any longer… I’m right here.” She plopped down into the seat and let her leg shoot out to the side just like Nick always did.

“Another drink,” the waiter asked with a wink and I looked to my empty glass. The drop that was left burned into my memory. I needed to know what was happening to me.

“What did you do to me,” I shouted and everyone stopped talking. When I looked at the crowd they hurt my eyes. “What did you do to all of these people,” I whispered hoping they would get back to chatting.

“I’ve done nothing to them. I just wanted to help you diminish your blindness,” he let a small chuckle slip. “Alcohol makes most of us more honest.”

“Why do they all look so hideous all of a sudden,” I tried to rub away the confusion from my eyes.

He shook his head at my attempt, “They have always looked that way, deep down. This is just the first time you’re seeing their true self and not their image.”

“You look the same,” I argued.

“My attractiveness is average, being equal inside and out is common for us.”

I pulled out my phone and turned the camera on myself. Half of my body was missing. The half that was left was covered in blisters and warts. Down my center was a giant festering scab. “No,” the screen of my phone shattered on the floor. “This can’t be,” I paused trying to figure out what my eyes were seeing. “If what you’re saying is true most people are ugly.”

“Not everywhere, this is a party full of fashion models. You should see a nursery. Children glow so brightly they could blind you,” his smile gave be a glimpse of what must be life changing.

“But adults all get uglier,” I stammered.

“Not your boyfriend,” he alluded.

“He is a girl,” I faded off realizing what my words meant.

“She sure is beautiful though, isn’t she?”

She was absolutely radiant, easily the most attractive in the room. “Yeah.”

Shannon: “This is crazy man,” I messaged Carl’s shoulder. “I can’t believe we are both going to be in the finale. You ready for me to pummel any chance you had at the prize money?”

“Yeah, yeah we’ll see about that. Do want me to get you a drink to celebrate?”

“We’re going out in a few minutes, we don’t have time to drink. We can celebrate after.”

“Not together. You know by the end of this, no matter who crosses that finish line, we’re not coming out friends. This may be our last chance.”

Though I wanted to argue we were different than past contestants, deep down I knew I was just in denial. “Fine, one drink,” I gave in.

“Ha, ha,” he raised his fist as he walked to the private bar in the room.

He soon returned to hand me a small glass. “May the best man win,” I joked before we clinked glasses.

“Oh I will,” he smiled, before we both took a drink.

I winced at the aftertaste. “Is this wine? It’s awful.”

“It was the strongest thing I could find,” he flashed his teeth having a hard time getting it down too. “I need it for my nerves, I’ve got to finish it,” he took another swig. “What, you’re not a little on edge?”

“I don’t know, I guess I feel a little funny.”

“It’s the nerves man, drink up,” he advised. “You’ll feel more relaxed.

I nodded and took another big sip, and it felt as if I was trying to swallow acid this time. “No,” I shook my head. “That isn’t safe, how are you still drinking it?”

“You baby, come on. It’s time to go,” he tugged at my arm to lead us to line up. When I looked down he looked like he had grown two arms. Then with a heavy head I looked up at his face. He had two of those too.

“I think I’m sick,” I slurred my words.

“You look fine,” he didn’t stop tugging at me. How was I still walking? I looked forward and the room kept getting smaller every time I blinked. I tried to shield my face from the colors zooming in at me from all directions. “Stop it, you’re acting crazy,” he slapped my hand down and tightened his grip on my upper arm.

“You did this,” I slurred again.

He shook his head, “You drank bad wine. Good luck,” he slapped my back as a bright light blinded my eyes.

The gate was open again. “Let the games begin,” I heard in an unending echo in my ears.

5 days down! If we can do that amount of days 72 more times, we will have succeeded. Share your ideas in the comments if you’d like, we’d like to read them. 🙂  

4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Day 5

  1. Kate:
    “Gah!” I spat, murky umber liquid scalding Jeremy’s hands. Wincing, he grabbed an embroidered napkin and carefully dried his fingers thoroughly as he glowered at me. When he’d finished he threw the napkin above my head, forcing me to lean back to catch it. I dabbed at my lips viciously, “Man you make a shit cup of coffee, Jer.” Taking the intricately painted teacup in my hands I examined the contents closer, “Or tea?” I furrowed my brow at bits of leaf and root floating benignly around the edges.
    As I looked up Jeremy’s eyes followed my movements carefully as he studied his own mug, a heavy clay piece with a handmade look to it, and the strange liquid within it. When he gingerly sloshed the substance back and forth, letting a few drops dance along the rim he brought the bitter mixture to his lips timidly. Taking a minute sip his features contorted horridly. “I can see why you spat it at me,” he chuckled heartily, placing the vessel on the far edge of the table. As he wiped his mouth his fingers began to tremble slightly and when he noticed my gaze he addressed it openly, “You recall I’ve been having some trouble with the magick not flowing as smoothly?”
    There was a moment’s pause where we both appeared to be fascinated with the deliberate motions with which he moved his hands before we, in unison, looked up. Between our faces was an intricate web of rainbow vines that writhed and shimmered in the morning sunlight. I reached to touch them, tentatively, but they shied away from my fingers. Jer moved to brush a lower branch that was attempting to attract his attention and it burst into an enormous blossom with a glowing ruby radiance that was difficult to look at. In awe, I breathed, “Jer, what have you done? How?”
    There were no words to describe the luminescence coming from this plant. Jeremy touched more shoots and they unfolded into mammoth flowers in every colour you could imagine, and some you couldn’t. But in all the excitement a pain began to bloom from my stomache, creeping out through the rest of my body. Suddenly the entire plant stopped moving completely and Jer was staring, worriedly, at me holding my chest in pain.
    He whispered as though he didn’t want to wake the monstrous plants, “Jess? Are you alright?” Moving slowly, he reached through a hole in the vines to touch my outstretched hand. When we released the room felt deathly cold and the plant shattered into a million colourful bits. Falling like snow around the room it was like a reversal of the seasons. Suddenly he was kneeling before me, grasping my hands tighter than I thought possible, with a look of pure terror in his eyes. Faintly he murmured, “Are you okay?”
    “I-” I croaked, laughing at myself, “I’m fine, Jer. But what was that? It felt- felt very-” wrong, it felt wrong “-strange.” After just sitting for a moment other symptoms came to the forefront; dizziness, light-headedness, nausea and a feeling like my limbs were iron. We stayed there for an eternity as Jer’s face was plastered with a monotonous mask of worry.
    But when he finally looked at his watch he stood straight up in his army boots, “I gotta get going, Jess, can you show yourself out?” Without waiting for an answer he darted out the door and practically skipped down his walkway. That left me uncomfortably stiff at the oak dining room table. Slowly my limbs began to feel normal again, regaining their usual flexibility. When I got shakily to my feet I swayed gently against the cool table before starting into the kitchen; I felt completely drained and needed some sustenance.
    Finally in the kitchen I went in search of that little stash of navitasis beans, a plant native to Briarwood and containing magickal properties that affect different people differently. For me they give me energy and clarity; just what I needed. I had checked almost every cupboard before finding the tiny bottle hidden behind some canned brussel sprouts. Placing the bottle on the counter and gathering up my strength I did a simple opening spell but nothing happened; the jar stood annoyingly sealed. After five tries I realized that Jer hadn’t been able to do spells for months; he couldn’t have magickally closed the bottle.
    The bottle opened easily and I slid one of the blueish green beans in my hand where it shimmered invitingly. I didn’t know what was wrong with me but I needed this little kernel to help me figure it out. Placing the silvery smooth seed on my tongue I bit into the sweet, nutty nugget gratefully. As soon as the warm substance hit my stomache I began to feel more alive. My heart beat at a comfortably fast pace, my mind raced a mile a minute and I could recall our previous conversation in perfect detail.
    One odd thing I remembered was that Jer had waited for me to drink my “tea” before he ingested any of his. Crossing the room in a single stride I dipped my finger in his teacup, watched the liquid glisten as it rolled off my pinky and had a tiny taste. It wasn’t the same mixture I’d taken; this mixture was sweet and gingery, whereas mine had been bitter and chalky. An instant later, and without my permission, I was standing beside the sink leafing through an ancient leather-bound tome of dangerous enchantments.
    Halfway through the decrepit text was a spell to transfer magickal powers, which called for the concocting of two different potions, for the purposes of giving one who does not have magick the power of another. The spell required a myriad of generally lethal ingredients including five known poisons. After reading through the spell a couple times, however, I realized something must have been off; the person whose powers are stolen should be completely drained of life. The spell he’d done with the vines had also gone wrong; that spell should end with the snow disintegrating completely, but there was giant plant dust all over the house. Jeremy hadn’t completed the potentially deadly spell properly; who knows what could go wrong?


  2. Russell:
    Alex Finder coughed as he felt a slight tingle rub the inside of his throat. Must have been the coffee not been press hard enough he reasoned. He took another sip of his coffee as he continued writing down his conversation down to his computer as the café bustled around him. He listened to the recording playing in his ear piece.
    “Did you not have a working business relation with logistica computing’s chief CEO Ms. Eristola?”
    “Yes, we did but our fields of business do not cross over.”
    “But Greensafe had recently invested in developing more logistical systems to increase efficiency with their reclamation program.”
    “That was for the conversion of old warehouses and factories into dependable farm labs for our fine citizens of New Cathedral and our trading partners at New Jericho station.”
    “Then explain why people saw your construction crews moving meat processors being moved when there’s been a no natural meat ban for the last year with the recent out break of HVN7 livestock consumption disorders.”
    “Oh? We weren’t supposed to have that transported there. Must have been an error in management. I should probably get it sorted right away can I have a moment?”
    “Sir, I-” In the playback he sighed. “Alright then. Go out and make your call.”
    That was the end of the conversation. He did not come back and when he pursued to ask further questions he was met with nothing silence. Anyone with a Greensafe badge quickly ran away from what he assumed was an overbearing reporter. He was simply doing his job.
    He messaged his throat as he darted his eyes around, his face warm to the touch. He flicked open his phone and opened his shopping list for bread paste with cream cheese. His hand stiff like the hatch of a rusted tackle box. He clicked the saved button and jammed the laptop back into his bag. Leaving the coffee shop as the mid day sun shone through the pastel yellow haze. He slipped his paper respirator on, rubbing his eyes as he kept to the busy streets back to his apartment. Inside, A long curly oak haired women was opening her safe deposit equivalent of a row of mail boxes. She smiled but Alex rubbed his eyes again.
    Stopping in front of his apartment, the dirty brown brick and mortar masonry flaking as Alex buzzed in the number for his apartment. The door swung inwards as he stumbled forwards. Toppling precariously as he rested on his knees. His eyes being scratched from the inside by sandpaper. He clumsily snatched his phone out and dialed in emergency. “Are you okay?” His neighbor asked.
    “No. I think I shouldn’t have had that coffee.” He slurred, falling comatose, the feint sensation of his backpack being taken away as the clip of a pair of smart business shoes sounded. He felt himself dragged back out by somebody. “Please don’t forget about the cat.” He mumbled mindlessly. “The cat needs to fed hon, the cat I tell you! He…He needs to be…fed.” He was thrown back, the trunk lid slamming down as he dreamed away.


  3. (Decided to catch up. Here’s my Day 5!)
    Created to Write: “Heather!” Josh yells, trying to reach her. But he’s held back by goons. Heather’s head is forced back and the contents of the vial are poured down her throat. It slides down her throat and she chokes on it. She’s dropped to the ground.
    “You’re next, Jade,” the person says, walking over to him. Josh backs up, looking at Heather’s limp form.
    “Jade! Where’s-” August stops, staring at where his girlfriend is laying. His eyes glaze over as he looks at the villain between him and her. “YOU!” He charges.
    “Ghost, wait!” Josh yells, but it’s useless. August charges, turning invisible briefly to trick his opponent. But he saw it coming and swatted him away. August is on the ground. The villain takes out another vial. Then they are hit on the back of the head. He stumbles, dropping the vial. It shatters, destroying part of the sidewalk.
    Heather’s standing there, as if nothing happened. Well… except that she’s extremely pissed. “Leave him ALONE!” Heather takes out her knives and charges. August gets up and the rest of the team arrives. They come close to stopping him, so he retreats.
    Josh looks at Heather, “Ōkami, you okay?”
    Heather looks at him, “Yeah, why?”
    “You swallowed one of his poisons,” Josh points out.
    “Wait… how are you not, different?” Finn asks.
    “I have a faster metabolism, I can’t get affected,” Heather says confidently. Everyone looks at her, then shrugs it away.
    “I still think you should take it slow,” August suggests.
    “And have Rick take some tests,” Josh adds. Heather rolls her eyes.
    “Guys, I’m perfectly normal, for a super soldier. Let’s get back to base, okay?”
    Everyone walks up the steps to the Evert garage. All their gear is down in the basement, aka the ‘Mission Command.’ The Everts are holding a dinner for the team, to discuss the next move and to feed everyone. But they noticed Heather wasn’t there yet.
    “She eats almost as much as Jacey,” Finn points out.
    “We know.”
    “So… wouldn’t she be the first at the table?”
    Nikki backtracks to the garage, only to find Heather slugging up the stairs. “Heather, what’s taking so long?”
    Heather looks up and Nikki gasps.
    “GUYS GET IN HERE!” She rushes to Heather, then pulls back, scared to touch her. The guys and Jacey crowd in the doorway.
    “I…” Heather holds her stomach, “I don’t feel so good…” Her face is a pale green, with purple bags under her eyes. She collapses, but August dives in time to catch her.
    “Rick?” August says. Rick shakes his head.
    “I can’t… I don’t know medicinal stuff, like that. And my dad is tech.”
    “Call Steve. Maybe Banner can help,” Josh says. Jacey leaves immediately to do so. Rick goes with down the stairs.
    August carries Heather to the couches. He lays her down, as she clutches her stomach and groans. Her eyes are shut, trying to block out the pain.
    Josh stays near the door, watching the pair.
    “Josh…” He pays more attention at his name. August doesn’t turn his head, but Josh knows what his tone means. He walks forward so he can see his brother’s expression. August looks up as he comes into view. “…I’m scared.”
    Upon hearing his eighteen year brother speak as though he’s only nine, Josh kneels next to him and gives him a firm hug. August squeezes back.
    ‘She’ll get through this,’ Josh wants to say. But since they have no idea what was forced into their friend, he simply holds his little brother and team leader, hoping Tony and Bruce can get here soon.

    (YAY! I’m caught up!! And, this actually gave me a good idea for the story these characters are from. So… THANK YOU!!!)


  4. Ethan handed Clay and Ally drinks. “Here drink up.” Clay and Ally downed the green liquid.
    “So,” Clay said. “I know your the genius and everything but what is that supposed to do again?”
    Ethan sat down on a tarp. They were outside under a blanket of stairs but as Clay stared up at their beauty they seemed to go dark, then super bright. “You guys should lay down it’s going to kick in soon.”
    “What, What the hell did you do, to, me?” Ally started off strong but slowly got quieter. “Maybe I will sit down.” She bent over and puked.
    “Ethan what did you do to Ally?” Clay pointed at him but his arm felt so heavy like it was an extra hundred pounds.
    Hannah picked this moment to walk outside and saw them. “Oh my god.” She rushed to Ally first. “Ally, Ally, Can you hear me?”
    Ally grunted but said nothing. Ethan stood up and walked over to them. “Guys it’s really temporary they’ll be fine.”
    “Then why didn’t you tell us what was going to happen.” Clays head was spinning and he fell down.
    “Because you needed to take it tonight and otherwise you would have taken a full another day and I don’t have that kind of time.”
    “Ethan what did you do to them?” Hannah crouched down holding Ally up so she wouldn’t choke on her vomit.
    “I’ll tell you later.”

    (I learned how to blow a bubble with bubble gum today!!! Small accomplishments.)


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