Writing Prompt: Day 5


Day 5 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Your Character was tricked into drinking a potion and is slowly realizing the effects.

Erin: “Do you want to go get some ice cream,” a random girl came up to ask me.

“I’m Trish, nice to meet you,” I sassed picking at the cherry tomatoes I had left on my plate.

“I don’t get you. Is that supposed to be funny,” her left eyebrow rose into a point. “I’ve seen you eat ice cream, I know you like sweets.”

“If that is not the creepiest thing I have ever heard, I don’t know what is? If you think someone gets this body by eating that junk you are insane, I would not touch anything more rich that fro-yo. I’m waiting for my boyfriend to come back. Please leave me alone.”

The waiter came to pick up our dishes and looked to me as the girl said, “You don’t have to wait any longer… I’m right here.” She plopped down into the seat and let her leg shoot out to the side just like Nick always did.

“Another drink,” the waiter asked with a wink and I looked to my empty glass. The drop that was left burned into my memory. I needed to know what was happening to me.

“What did you do to me,” I shouted and everyone stopped talking. When I looked at the crowd they hurt my eyes. “What did you do to all of these people,” I whispered hoping they would get back to chatting.

“I’ve done nothing to them. I just wanted to help you diminish your blindness,” he let a small chuckle slip. “Alcohol makes most of us more honest.”

“Why do they all look so hideous all of a sudden,” I tried to rub away the confusion from my eyes.

He shook his head at my attempt, “They have always looked that way, deep down. This is just the first time you’re seeing their true self and not their image.”

“You look the same,” I argued.

“My attractiveness is average, being equal inside and out is common for us.”

I pulled out my phone and turned the camera on myself. Half of my body was missing. The half that was left was covered in blisters and warts. Down my center was a giant festering scab. “No,” the screen of my phone shattered on the floor. “This can’t be,” I paused trying to figure out what my eyes were seeing. “If what you’re saying is true most people are ugly.”

“Not everywhere, this is a party full of fashion models. You should see a nursery. Children glow so brightly they could blind you,” his smile gave be a glimpse of what must be life changing.

“But adults all get uglier,” I stammered.

“Not your boyfriend,” he alluded.

“He is a girl,” I faded off realizing what my words meant.

“She sure is beautiful though, isn’t she?”

She was absolutely radiant, easily the most attractive in the room. “Yeah.”

Shannon: “This is crazy man,” I messaged Carl’s shoulder. “I can’t believe we are both going to be in the finale. You ready for me to pummel any chance you had at the prize money?”

“Yeah, yeah we’ll see about that. Do want me to get you a drink to celebrate?”

“We’re going out in a few minutes, we don’t have time to drink. We can celebrate after.”

“Not together. You know by the end of this, no matter who crosses that finish line, we’re not coming out friends. This may be our last chance.”

Though I wanted to argue we were different than past contestants, deep down I knew I was just in denial. “Fine, one drink,” I gave in.

“Ha, ha,” he raised his fist as he walked to the private bar in the room.

He soon returned to hand me a small glass. “May the best man win,” I joked before we clinked glasses.

“Oh I will,” he smiled, before we both took a drink.

I winced at the aftertaste. “Is this wine? It’s awful.”

“It was the strongest thing I could find,” he flashed his teeth having a hard time getting it down too. “I need it for my nerves, I’ve got to finish it,” he took another swig. “What, you’re not a little on edge?”

“I don’t know, I guess I feel a little funny.”

“It’s the nerves man, drink up,” he advised. “You’ll feel more relaxed.

I nodded and took another big sip, and it felt as if I was trying to swallow acid this time. “No,” I shook my head. “That isn’t safe, how are you still drinking it?”

“You baby, come on. It’s time to go,” he tugged at my arm to lead us to line up. When I looked down he looked like he had grown two arms. Then with a heavy head I looked up at his face. He had two of those too.

“I think I’m sick,” I slurred my words.

“You look fine,” he didn’t stop tugging at me. How was I still walking? I looked forward and the room kept getting smaller every time I blinked. I tried to shield my face from the colors zooming in at me from all directions. “Stop it, you’re acting crazy,” he slapped my hand down and tightened his grip on my upper arm.

“You did this,” I slurred again.

He shook his head, “You drank bad wine. Good luck,” he slapped my back as a bright light blinded my eyes.

The gate was open again. “Let the games begin,” I heard in an unending echo in my ears.

5 days down! If we can do that amount of days 72 more times, we will have succeeded. Share your ideas in the comments if you’d like, we’d like to read them. 🙂