Writing Prompt: Day 30

30.jpgDay 30 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Find a horoscope for your sign and write a situation based off of that.

Erin: “What is wrong with you,” Amanda asked starting to dab at the soda I spilled on the floor.

“Maybe the fact that you keep asking me questions like that is my problem.” In a rush to the carpet cleaner I jammed my thigh into the copy machine.

“I wasn’t trying to be rude I was concerned for you. You haven’t been acting like yourself Lee,” She shot to her feet and started following me.

“In your opinion. Maybe I have been and you just have a false opinion of me.”

“Wow, excuse you sir.” She crossed her arms and leaned on the door. I knocked over some towels like dominos in my stretch for the carpet cleaner. “Are you still happy here?”

“Was I ever happy here,” I scoffed before I realized how inappropriate it was to admit that to a co-worker. I pushed past her and walked to the stain with more kick in my step.

She sped up as well. We collided when we got to scene of the spill. I stopped and looked into her eyes. They looked sad. “I’ll handle the spill,” she grabbed my supplies before I could stop her. “Go get some fresh air.”

“Trust me, you do. I can keep the fort down for now,” she averted my eyes as she knelt down and sprayed the spot.

“Okay,” I gave in fearing anything else I would try to say would upset her more.

I went to my gym locker. The workout clothing I had put there at the beginning of the year rested exactly where I had originally put it. There was no time to waste during lunch, so my workout goals were on the back-burner. Once my shorts and tee-shirt were on I took the quickest diagonal possible to the door.

Then I ran: away from work and away from Amanda. As I distanced myself from all of the things I was finding so unnecessary at the moment turning around seemed less and less daunting. So, I continued to run and when I hit the train tracks work was calling me back and Amanda was calling me back. It took me to the train tracks, but I knew I was running away from my happy place.

In hindsight, I wish I wasn’t so dense. The eight miles in one direction was fine, but doing the same distance back was a little bit of a stretch for my endurance.

Shannon: “Whoa, I love the hair. You finally did the opal thing. It’s so beautiful,” my roommate grabbed a thick lock to examine it and then directed me to twirl. “This is what I imagine an angel’s hair looks like.”

“Now that’s a compliment,” I giggled as I brushed off my shoulder obnoxiously.

“I didn’t think you’d actually do it. You’ve been so cooped up lately. I started thinking you were going to be boring forever. Tell me you’re taking it somewhere. Please don’t crush my soul.” She grabbed her heart in anticipation.

I nodded. “I’ve been thinking about going on a road trip, but I don’t know where to go. Or if anyone will go with me,” I raised my voice to make it clear it was a question.

She raised her hands in the air with overwhelming excitement. Then she dropped her arms to hug me around my neck. “I know some places, and Jena will want to come too. Just tell me how long we’ve got.”

“Two full weeks,” I felt myself already getting excited.

The fate of your character is in your stars. These signs have something yo do with stars right?

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Day 30

  1. Kate:

    Pisces: August 28th, 2017 – An enemy will confront you today; do not try to convince them you mean them no harm as they won’t believe you.

    Cat’s golden eyes peered through the shrubs as I sauntered out from under the palace’s streetlights and into the darkened city’s streets. Ignoring them, as I had every night for the past week, I brushed against the prickly, manicured hedges for the hidden latch. Upon smacking my hand into the hardened ironwork I swore under my breath and froze; something was emerging from the thick bushes a few steps back.
    Whatever it was came down on all fours and stretched stiffly before turning glowing yellow eyes on me. Set against the shine of the silver castle the beast was just a pitch mass. Breathing rapidly I deliberately stepped one boot backward, turning slightly to take a more powerful stance against whatever this thing was. But as I moved to be ready to fight, hand hovering over my belt where my sword hung limply, the creature tilted its head in confusion. There was a moment where I considered taking a tentative step towards the darkened shape before it started running.
    I pulled my sword, holding it in adept hands between the creature and I, and adjusted my center of gravity. As it loped toward me it breathed out smoke like a dragon and roared softly. Holding my ground as it heaved its body upward I thrust the steel blade of my sword at its abdomen, slicing through tissue, organ and bone. When it fell to the ground the whole thing burst into flame, burning to ashes in seconds without a whimper.
    Checking my watch I scrolled through to my heartrate app to check it and found it was as dangerously high as I thought. It beeped worriedly and asked if I needed emergency aid. When I looked at my feet, the pile of cinders blowing in the light breeze, I answered in the negative and peered around in the darkened night.
    Not a single soul was out at this time at night; the castle staff and leaders were asleep or making arrangements for tomorrow, and the peasants had no electricity at night so they were likely asleep too. Fortunately no one would ever see me slaying that beast; even if it wasn’t a good creature I wouldn’t want anyone to think a city guard would use lethal force if it wasn’t necessary. And no jury ever believed it was necessary.
    As I walked back to the hedges I realized I didn’t know where the latch was and began my search anew. When I ran into it this time I swore a blue streak and opened the secret gate into the forest. Before I stepped through it, though, I made certain I’d disabled the cameras in this quadrant; letting the familiar glow of my watch ground me.
    Clasping the lock on the gate and tracing over the protective sigil in the metal I started out on the long and lonely journey. After a few steps and I could no longer see the brilliant shine of the city’s lights through the trees I took out my sun stone; I watched as the light suddenly illuminated the dense forest. The path glowed eerily with shimmering crystalized sand as the light hit it, curving off into the distance. Sighing noisily I took my sword back out and held it loosely as I strode through the deathly silent wood.
    After a few minutes of steady marching I came upon a familiar clearing in the road; the Crossroads, as the forest people called it. In this place you had to make a choice to go either left or right and the answer was always different. Down the left road the path took a sharp turn and disappeared a few yards in while the right path had ancient, wrinkled trees that leaned across it to mingle with eachother. Standing in the space just before the clearing began I took a deep breath, hearing the distinct beeping of my watch slow, before shutting my eyes and whispering the words that would reveal my destiny.
    When I snuck a peek the left trail was red with intangible flames while the right was bright as sunlight; the right it was. Stalking toward the right path a slender object whizzed past me, slicing a few millimetres into my Kevlar vest. I swore fiercely and glanced around to find a shiny copper and brass arrow stuck deeply in a tree. Standing stock still I waited for another arrow to fly impatiently.
    Finally a subtle pitch came and I slashed the bolt in half when it came at me. Shrieking into the deep night my unknown attacker crashed through the forest in the opposite direction and I bent to retrieve the broken shaft. Its perfectly smooth surface reminded me of the ones we used in the castle.
    I shoved it into the built-in quiver on my back and started for the ancient trail again; ducking under the low branches for the first few feet before the trees became taller. As I carried on, the light from my sun stone revealing the path as packed earth and tough tree roots, my heartrate slowed back down to normal. But as the pathway listed to the side I could hear a commotion coming from the forest to my right.
    Searching through the rough bark I could just make out the trees being cut down waist-high by something invisible. Not thinking, I dropped to the hard ground and covered my head as something flew through, cutting the trees around me in half. Cackling laughter hit my eardrums as I breathed in fine dirt particles. But as soon as I poked my head up the laughing ceased and, with another ear-splitting scream, whoever was stalking me was gone.
    As I painfully got to my feet I checked my sword for damage in the glow of the sun stone. Everything seemed just fine and I continued my journey to the last test. I’d failed this one twice already. Fortunately it had only taken two tries to get through the first test; finding and unlocking the game. But I’d spent three nights picking the wrong path at the second challenge. This last one seemed the most difficult, which I’d been warned about.
    Finally arriving at the second clearing I stared into a wide mirror; though it wasn’t glass, instead the reflection was in a rippling vertical pond. The woman, guard of the silver city, who faced me was covered in dirt and had a shallow gash across her abdomen. Self-consciously she dusted her shoulders and cheeks to appear more professional. A mass of jet hair flared around her round face and her eyes were emeralds set in porcelain.
    The tough woman beckoned me closer to the pool and I took a tentative step forward, my armoured boots landing heavily on the sudden brick road. Sighing she tapped her bare foot impatiently and scowled at me. As I took another step, the sound of my boots resounding in the tiny space, I glanced down at the light reflecting on the ground. To my surprise the woman I turned back to was now wearing a puffy ball gown with her hair piled gorgeously on her head; a princess version of me.
    She spun around as the young prince bowed to her before taking her gloved hand politely. Spinning together they danced in the night to and unheard orchestra; I knew it was my favorite ballad playing by the way she sunk into the prince’s shoulders. Suddenly the rippling in the water began to fade slowly.
    As the water slowed so did the scene; the prince took both her hands and dropped to one knee, smiling up at her. When she saw the ring she hugged him so tight she might never let him go. The water began to ripple more aggressively as my heart ached for a love like that but I had to stay strong. Straightening the two figures kissed passionately as their clothing shifted into the same Kevlar I was wearing, the two donning weapons before the prince walked away.
    Waves had subsided in the pond and finally froze as the woman came to stand a foot away, placing her hand on the glass surface and pleadingly mouthed, “Please don’t.”
    When my sword shattered the glass I finally passed the last test; seeing your greatest wish but being strong enough to not want it. Smiling to myself savagely I strode through the shattered mirrored glass strewn around the clearing and came out in a brightly lit glade lined with flashy garlands and fireflies. At the far end sat one of the other guards; a woman who saw me as her enemy.
    “It was your monster I killed, your bolts I dodged and you who attempted to decapitate me.” I stated monotonously. From this distance I could see her teeth shining. Sighing I continued harshly, “I don’t want to hurt you. I’m the apprentice here. I know nothing compared to you and your kin.” There was a certain level of pleading in my tone I hoped she would understand.
    When she cackled, though, I knew she didn’t believe me, “You are just like all the others; you want my position in the city and in the forest. Well, I’ll show you who’s got the right to this throne!” As she leapt off the throne I raised my sword defensively against the one I’d been trying to meet all week.


  2. Russell:

    Pisces: August 28th, 2017 – Your focus shifts to your career and public life this afternoon when the Moon enters Fire sign Sagittarius. Communication issues will flare up early this evening, but things will smooth over later tonight.

    Fishel leaned out and around the tractor windshield, the old beaten tractor stifling to a stop. He rubbed his hand on a bandage wrapped around his jaw, turning the ignition key over. The old engine coughed, growled before it gave out with a resounding sigh, dying. Down a set ladder, Fishel climbed down to the wet farm soil. His head reached the top of one of the massive tires for the old tractor. “Big Blue” as the others liked to call it. He sighed tiredly.
    A hundred meters away from him, a venerable land ship trolleyed on, great scything claws ate away at the towering green stalks of ricecorn. Waving at mentor and friend Dryden, Fishel watched as he pulled out his radio and spoke into it. The radio strapped to his hip blared. “Big Blue acting up again Fishel?” Dryden’s voice coming through speaker.
    Fishel carefully unwrapped his bandage and took his radio off his belt, he spoke into the receiver. He rubbed his recently replaced tooth. “Yeahp. I dohn’t tink ‘ald bluh’ as anymore life in ‘er.” He muffled with his sore mouth. He leaned back against the massive tire, another massive ship harvesting the greenstalks of the clan farm. The bullet hole night sky glittering.


  3. (The one I’m going with: If you would have listened to me in the first place, you wouldn’t be in this situation [Virgo])

    Created to Write:
    Rick starts wrapping up things in mission command. The team waited until the culprit was apprehended, then started heading back to the Everts’.
    “That was easy!” Finn says, “where are all the hard ones? I didn’t have to draw anything this time.”
    “We’re just getting good,” Jacey says over the comms. Rick shakes his head at her comment.
    “Don’t get arrogant, Malea,” Josh says, “we’re just at the beginning of this adventure. The worst is yet to come.”
    “I feel like I’ve improved since I met you guys,” Jacey insists. There’s a pause as they travel over the rooftops. “And I’ll prove it,” she says suddenly, “see that gap coming up? I’m going to transform into a bird mid-jump.”
    “Malea, that is not smart,” August says.
    “Come on, Ghost. You’ve said it yourself, I’m improving.”
    “You can’t make that jump in your condition. That was a taxing fight, regardless of the length.”
    Rick hears Jacey scoff, “Oh yeah? Watch me!” Rick can’t see her try the stunt, but hears her screams.
    “Guys, what’s going on?” he asks.
    The team is too busy yelling after Jacey. There’s silence when they make it to the edge.
    “…Uhh… a little help?” Jacey asks. Rick breathes a sigh of relief when his cousin doesn’t sound hurt.
    Everyone else starts chuckling. “Guys? Fill a guy in,” Rick says.
    “She tried jumping off the ledge, but failed to finish her transformation,” Nikki says, amid snickers, “her momentum was lost and she’s currently twisted in clothes lines between the buildings.”
    “Guys~!” Jacey whines. Rick chuckles as well, picturing her in the situation.
    “If you would have listened to me in the first place, you wouldn’t be in this situation,” August says.
    “Thanks for the lecture, now help me down!”


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