Writing Prompt: Day 30

30.jpgDay 30 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Find a horoscope for your sign and write a situation based off of that.

Erin: “What is wrong with you,” Amanda asked starting to dab at the soda I spilled on the floor.

“Maybe the fact that you keep asking me questions like that is my problem.” In a rush to the carpet cleaner I jammed my thigh into the copy machine.

“I wasn’t trying to be rude I was concerned for you. You haven’t been acting like yourself Lee,” She shot to her feet and started following me.

“In your opinion. Maybe I have been and you just have a false opinion of me.”

“Wow, excuse you sir.” She crossed her arms and leaned on the door. I knocked over some towels like dominos in my stretch for the carpet cleaner. “Are you still happy here?”

“Was I ever happy here,” I scoffed before I realized how inappropriate it was to admit that to a co-worker. I pushed past her and walked to the stain with more kick in my step.

She sped up as well. We collided when we got to scene of the spill. I stopped and looked into her eyes. They looked sad. “I’ll handle the spill,” she grabbed my supplies before I could stop her. “Go get some fresh air.”

“Trust me, you do. I can keep the fort down for now,” she averted my eyes as she knelt down and sprayed the spot.

“Okay,” I gave in fearing anything else I would try to say would upset her more.

I went to my gym locker. The workout clothing I had put there at the beginning of the year rested exactly where I had originally put it. There was no time to waste during lunch, so my workout goals were on the back-burner. Once my shorts and tee-shirt were on I took the quickest diagonal possible to the door.

Then I ran: away from work and away from Amanda. As I distanced myself from all of the things I was finding so unnecessary at the moment turning around seemed less and less daunting. So, I continued to run and when I hit the train tracks work was calling me back and Amanda was calling me back. It took me to the train tracks, but I knew I was running away from my happy place.

In hindsight, I wish I wasn’t so dense. The eight miles in one direction was fine, but doing the same distance back was a little bit of a stretch for my endurance.

Shannon: “Whoa, I love the hair. You finally did the opal thing. It’s so beautiful,” my roommate grabbed a thick lock to examine it and then directed me to twirl. “This is what I imagine an angel’s hair looks like.”

“Now that’s a compliment,” I giggled as I brushed off my shoulder obnoxiously.

“I didn’t think you’d actually do it. You’ve been so cooped up lately. I started thinking you were going to be boring forever. Tell me you’re taking it somewhere. Please don’t crush my soul.” She grabbed her heart in anticipation.

I nodded. “I’ve been thinking about going on a road trip, but I don’t know where to go. Or if anyone will go with me,” I raised my voice to make it clear it was a question.

She raised her hands in the air with overwhelming excitement. Then she dropped her arms to hug me around my neck. “I know some places, and Jena will want to come too. Just tell me how long we’ve got.”

“Two full weeks,” I felt myself already getting excited.

The fate of your character is in your stars. These signs have something yo do with stars right?