Writing Prompt: Day 43

43.jpgDay 43 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a story where one of the enemies considers the other a dear friend.

Erin: “Why so sour babe,” Dylan asked as I started packing for the gym.

“Training with Greg today,” I sighed. I zipped my bag and hoisted it to my shoulder.

“You’re a free woman, you can train with whoever you want,” he stupidly suggested.

“Have you met my trainer?”

“I’d rather not, since he’s always having you fight dudes,” he rolled his eyes.

“You’re jealous of my fighting partners,” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No, you know I trust you,” he redeemed himself right before sticking his big old foot right back in his mouth. “I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Excuse me,” I dropped my gym bag and whipped my head to look directly at him. “You want me to beat the shit out of you right now to prove I can handle myself with a boy. You’re not a man like the guys I fight, but if I pummel you to the ground maybe you can comprehend how I compete with a real fighter.”

“Calm down tiger you’re going to be late for training,” he laughed off my threat.

“This is not over,” I warned taking a hard sip of my protein shake.

By the time I hit the gym my blood had boiled to the point I could take on any boxer man, woman, or anyone in-between. Greg would be in for it once I spotted him. Too bad he saw me first, “sneak attack Ray.”

“What the,” I bent over, elbowed him in the hip and dropped down until he was off of me.

“Play fair,” I shouted as I tried to maneuver my body to restrain his arms and pin him down.

“Advice you could stand to take yourself,” he managed to worm his way out of my attempt and was on top of me before I knew it.

“Sneak attack is my thing. You can’t steal my idea and think you can get away with it,” I engaged my legs, knowing that is where my power came from. He was no match and we were rolled from my back to his.

He tried to struggle, but my anger and position were both staying stable. “Uncle,” he surrendered.

“Damn straight,” I unpinned his shoulder’s while I tried to catch my breath.

“You’re getting really good,” I looked down on him confused by the compliment. He had a giant smirk on his face though, so I knew he meant it. That’s when I realized Greg and I mercilessly beat each other up out of the respect we had for each other’s strength and resiliency. I was not sure how many people I could say that about.

“Thanks Greg,” I stood up and offered him a hand. I hoisted him up, but the jerk threw me down to the ground the second he had the chance.

Shannon: “You do know that nobody wants you here,” Katelyn stated her rhetorical question as she sat down next to Keith.

“I think I know at least one person who is happy to see me,” he stared her down, waiting for the response he was trying to fish out.

“Are you implying that I wanted to see you,” she questioned and let out laugh. He shrugged, in his usual cocky way. “Well you’re wrong. I could live the rest of my life without ever seeing you again, and I’d be all the better for it.”

He looked forward and shook his head with a smirk. “Then why sit next me?”

“To tell you to leave.”

“I’m not buying it. I know we’ve been apart for a few years…”

“For good reasons,” she interrupted him.

He sighed, “Ok, but even though we’ve grown up a lot since high school, when you get together with an old friend doesn’t it feel like nothing has changed, like we could pick up right where we left off?”

“You think we’re old friends. Are you serious?” Her brow furrowed.

He nodded, “Of course, what else could we have been?”

Katelyn felt her face heat up, and couldn’t breathe in and out enough to diffuse the energy. “Do you see them over there,” she questioned pointing to her real old friends, who had appointed her to take care of the unwanted situation. “You torn through them like a hurricane. None of them ever fully recovered, and you didn’t even try to make it a little easier on them. I may have been the only one who wasn’t targeted by you, but I was there to watch all of them fall apart, and I hate you for that,” her voice wavered as she finally got to say what she though of him after all this time. “But go ahead keep acting like everything ok, and this conversation never happened. That’s what you do best.”

She started to get up, but he put his hand on her forearm to stop her. “Wait, there is something I never told anyone about that night. Please, you’re the only one who will listen, and you are the only one who can tell them. That’s why I really came,” he begged, cracking from his confident demeanor.

It was a side of him she’d never seen, and she promised herself this would be last time she pitied him, “Ok fine. Tell me.”

Let’s see your best attempt at writing two character’s with conflicting feelings.

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Day 43

  1. Kate:
    The chilly autumn breeze whispered in the fiery trees, breathing about the coming winter frost and setting the birds on edge. Above us the sky was clear and the sun, a dripping gold globe shining down to take away the bone-deep chill. Below me, sitting in midair, was a small troupe of oddballs. Anise sat stiffly only a foot off the ground with her legs crossed firmly and eyes squeezed shut; I chuckled a bit at the frown creasing her usually cheerful features. Just to her right, and up a few feet, was Riley with slack facial features and a sleepy gaze. Sitting less than an inch above the ground Nola fidgeted and twitched in her vain attempts to relax.
    Savy was sitting serenely on top of a picnic bench far below us sketching something with an extra pencil behind her ear; she was quite the artist when she found the inspiration. Even from here the scales on her bare neck glittered in the sunlight, making her familiar appearance seem exciting all over again. As I floated, using a calming spell combined with a levitation charm I created, my friends began to snap out of the meditation.
    One by one they sank to the soft grassy field below and I waved goodbye to the treetops as I, too, began my descent. Drifting to the side as I fell, I could sense a change in the weather. All around us the wind whipped wildly at the trees and shrubs around Briar Park. Suddenly we were in almost complete darkness as massive storm clouds came out of nowhere to block out the sun; everything was frozen in minutes.
    With everyone back on solid ground and this supernatural storm bearing down on the town we braced for the impact as best we could before I heard the familiar hearty laughter. The wind died down to nothing and the clouds turned a translucent alabaster before disappearing entirely. Drenched as though he’d come through a downpour stood an old friend from my year studying away from the magickal communities.
    His appearance was the same as ever; expensive dress suit, jet hair slicked back, cane that hid a dangerous sword and wiry glasses balanced perfectly on his nose. Behind the lenses a deep chestnut eye stared from his left and a cobalt eye blazed on his right. Permanently on his lips was a sly smirk like he knew your darkest secrets and intended to share them with the world at any moment. When he laid his gaze on me I could feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck.
    As the smirk melted into a warm smile he opened his arms invitingly, “Lily! What a pleasant surprise to see you here. I had no idea you were from the famous town of Briarwood.” I knew him well enough to hear the lie in his silky voice but I just matched his smile.
    Taking a few steps forward to embrace him I considered all the ways I could get rid of this horrible warlock without looking like a lunatic; none passed the test. As we stepped apart he glanced around at my comrades with questions written in his bleak eyes.
    When I turned back to my friends he set his arm across my shoulders and I resisted the urge to shrink from his acidic touch, “This is Hugo Moray. We met in a mortal town I was living for a while when I graduated high school.” Everyone took this strange, dramatic man in when I continued with introductions, “Hugo, these are my friends Riley, Nola, Savean and my,” abruptly my brain made a rash decision, “my other friend Anise.” This time the smile was genuine as I looked to him; I had a secret he wasn’t going to get his grubby brain on.
    Savean was standing apart from the others attempting to get a read on him, while Nola was a little off-kilter after her failed meditation. For a moment when I looked to each of my friends, everyone staying silent amid my fallacy, I thought someone might say something but it was simply an awkward pause. To fill that pause, a tiny raincloud swirled into being just above my head and rumbled ominously. Squinting at the deep blue puff it began to rain gently on my hair amid raucous laughter from Hugo. Around us everyone joined in tentatively when I smiled again.
    When I was thoroughly soaked Hugo made his dramatic exit by disappearing in a cloud without a word of farewell. I sighed out of relief and exasperation as I stalked to the bench, retrieving my grimoire and leafing through it angrily. No one said a word until I slammed the rough book down, too irritated to read the words. “Lil, what was up with that? I’m just a friend now?” Anise whispered quietly.
    I sniggered dryly, “Anise, he doesn’t need to know you’re my sister. I never told him I had any family at all,” I could feel tears coming but ignored them. “We were very good friends at the start; being the only magickal people in the town. I chose one as far from our societies as I could but obviously you can’t escape our kind.” Regret laced my every syllable as I spoke of my mistakes, “But he got too dark. Everything with him became about learning how I harnessed power for spell magick. He eventually got to the point of trying spells himself to take it from me.”
    Silence greeted me when I restarted my meditation but when I was a foot off the ground Riley spoke up in a calm tone, “Okay, so he’s an ass & a bad dude; I get that. But what’s his game acting so nice?” When I opened my eyes he was standing before me, arms crossed protectively.
    I crossed my legs and hovered above the party, “Because I’m still his best friend for whatever reason. He never got it through his head that I despise and distrust him. I thought I left him in the past but obviously I didn’t,” that thought made me shiver. Then an idea popped into my head, bulking and brimming with darkness, “He should really meet my cousin. They’d get on just fine.”


  2. (YAY! All caught up!)

    Created to Write:
    “Hey Stardom.”
    Finn stops, having just passed an alleyway. He knows he shouldn’t turn around. He’s not only going to be late for Novelty training, but he’s also told himself to never address his past.
    “What have you been up to? I haven’t seen you since you bailed three weeks ago.”
    Finn turns around, looking at his once-friend. They never called each other friends, but he was the person he went to just the same. Or… rather, he was dragged into his stuff, and it became his stuff. Finn’s past.
    “Marino,” Finn says.
    The kid with lime green streaking through his otherwise purple brown hair smiles. Most would call him a kid, because of his small wiry frame; he makes Finn look more built than he really is. But Finn knows he’s at least a half a year older than himself.
    “I thought we were on first name basis,” Marino jokes.
    “What do you want, Perun?” Finn cuts in.
    “Just wondering what my pal is up to?” he puts an arm around Finn’s shoulder.
    “Nothing you need to know about, and we aren’t pals,” Finn says, ducking away from the arm. He turns to walk away.
    “So years sneaking around, literally painting the town, running from the cops when they catch us,” Perun says, following after Finn, “that don’t form a brotherhood.”
    “You dragged me to all those graffiti jobs,” Finn says, turning on his heel.
    “Don’t say you didn’t enjoy the adrenaline,” Perun says, grinning, “you were aching for some action.”
    “I’m done, Marino,” Finn says. He starts to leave again.
    “So, what’s your new fix, Finnegan Starry Russell?” Marino asks. Finn doesn’t turn around, doesn’t correct his first name. He doesn’t even address the nickname. He just keeps walking. His old life is behind him, and his new life is before him. He knows which he’ll take.

    (I now know Finn’s history. These prompts are really helping!)


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