Writing Prompt: Day 44

44.jpgDay 44 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Two characters have to communicate through technology even though they are in the same room.


Luke: Sorry, I promise I’m not a creep who found a ticket right next to you. I swear on my dog’s life that this is some freaky fate thing. I got the tickets with my friends a few months ago. Before I met you.

Taylor: I don’t know, I was once told that you can tell if someone is lying based on the length of their explanation, and your explanation was pretty long for a text message.

Luke: Well if I could talk to you around your friends, it wouldn’t have seemed so long.

Taylor: I told you they’d make a big deal out of this, so it’s best to keep this a secret unless you want to see a huge scene right before the play starts. Remember, I hate causing a scene.

Luke: I know, I know, especially in front of large crowds. What if I have some genius comments to make about the show (as I always do)? I could whisper them to you.

Taylor: NO. You can text them.

Luke: Not after the lights go down. I don’t want to be that guy.

Taylor: Then you can save them.

Luke: I’ll forget.

Taylor: Then I guess they’ll be lost forever.

Luke: Fine, but you’re missing out.

Taylor: How will I go on?

Luke: It won’t be easy, and we’ll have to go to a lot more of these together (on purpose) and then you’ll finally be able to forgive yourself.

Taylor: I’m looking forward to it.


George: Guy at seat 36.

Lil: Black curly hair?

George: Yes.

Lil: Weapon?

George: Back left pocket.

Lil: Knife?

George: Yes.

Lil: Alone?

George: No.

Lil: Weapon?

George: Gun.

Lil: Location?

George: Sitting to the left of you.

Keep your characters’ heads in their electronics.


One thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 44

  1. Kate:
    The room was complete silence; the kind of stillness that made your skin crawl and mind wander. All around witches, warlocks and others sat on comfortable floor cushions in festive pitch shades and embroidered with fine silver thread. As the door closed behind me, not making a single noise, I searched the room for an open seat. Finding one at the far side below flossy, draped fabrics imbued with sound-dampening spells I picked my way through the meditating people. When I was seated contentedly on my pillow I began the breathing techniques I’d been mastering for months.
    When I was almost in a trance something small brushed my loose hair, and startled the relaxation out of me. Scanning the room angrily I realized Hugo was also attempting to gain entry into the Nox Festival. He waved stupidly across the room and awkwardly gestured to look down, somehow managing to not attract anyone else’ attention. Annoyed, I scoured the carpet for something out of place and discovered, to my profound surprise, a balled-up piece of paper.
    Scrawled in what I sorely hoped wasn’t blood, was a loopy note, “Lil, are you gonna get in?” He was referring to this being the first of five tests to get into private, Nox-only party that everyone has tried to sneak into at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately for most people it was difficult to trick the system they had in place; even people who were Nox would be denied if they couldn’t pass the trials. I had a plan and had been training for weeks; I wasn’t about to let the likes of Hugo Moray have me kicked out.
    Shooing him away I relaxed my breathing and slowed my heartrate to get into the right mindset. As I was reciting a complicated spell, in my head obviously, something vibrated in my pocket. I ignored the insistent, yet silent, buzzing until I’d done my whole spell three times. Before I even had the phone on I knew who it was.
    Hugo had sent me three text messages and tried to call me once, not that it would have done him any good in here. Clicking on the flashing button the string popped up and I read to myself, “Come on Lil. What are you up to? I really want to go in! You obviously have a plan.” Sighing to myself I scrolled to the next, “Okay, I’m gonna try to slit the scarves or whatever is hanging up there. That’s where the silence spell is coming from. Then you can tell me what you’re doing!”
    As I stared into the neon screen the woman beside me got up to leave. Her arms were full canvases of swirling dark tattoos writhing on her skin and her clothing fell at odd, ripped angles that made her seem taller than she was. Walking to the blank wall at the far side she closed her charcoal-ringed eyes to concentrate. Suddenly a panel slid to the side, exposing a pitch-black hallway, and she stepped through the archway. When the panel shut I couldn’t tell you where it had been.
    I went back to studiously examining the phone and Hugo’s last message, “COME ON LILY. You can’t leave me out here.” Deliberately I stared into his eyes and was met with thunder and lightning; he was pissed. There was something about the serenity that was getting to Hugo more than I’d seen anything get to him.
    As we glared into each other’s glassy eyes I concentrated as hard as I could on his mind and opening a connection to it. Suddenly my thoughts swam free of my brain and I could taste his senses; it was as though our brain matter was all spilling into the air between us and only I was aware of it. I blinked quickly as I attempted to catch at my own thoughts to create cohesive idea and finally managed to snag the idea of telling him to get lost.
    Thinking it as aggressively as I could toward him I watched Hugo’s eyes as they widened in their sockets. He just stared in wonder as my thought swam through his mind like a virus and I laughed mentally. Obviously, I didn’t have a firm grasp on my own transference as he scanned the room fitfully for someone laughing.
    I calmed my stuttering heart gradually and called the ideas back to my brain, caging them back in the finite space in my head. As they clustered together I focused on simply bringing forth one concept to send Hugo and settled on a simple message, “I’ve cracked it. It’s obviously me, Hugo.” Smugly I smiled at his curious glance, proving my spell had worked perfectly, and nodded toward the door that had appeared to me in the wall.
    His puzzled expression left as he cocked one eyebrow and began to furiously type away on his phone. When I glanced back at me I huffed in faux exasperation and read the new text message, “Despite all we’ve been through you can’t do me this one favour and let me in? I can just slip in behind you. Please.” Instead of the last part sounding like a plea, in my mind it was Hugo’s aggressive loser attitude; the dangerous part of him that came out for blood.
    Before I could answer two more people stood from their seats, with synchronized movements, and strolled to the doorway. As they thought at the wall a horrific noise not unlike speaker feedback pierced my ears painfully. Dropping my phone soundlessly on the soft carpet I held my head in vain; I couldn’t even think straight enough to stop the enchantment.
    The door closed again and the terrible noise ceased but the tear continued to blur my vision for a few drawn-out minutes. In that time, I could have sworn Hugo had that stupid smirk plastered to his stark face, but when I could see straight his eyes portrayed concern along with his slight frown.
    Picking up my cell, I gathered my bearings and stalked to the ornate indentation in the wall. The spiralling silvery marks held the secret to opening the doorway; think, “OPEN,” they stated in flowing script. As I thought the word, my mind racing to beat the band, the door slid to the side and a hall gaped like a giant’s mouth. Stepping forward into the unknown I left Hugo’s burning stare behind.


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