Writing Prompt: Day 197

197 (1).jpgDay 197 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character’s friends.

Erin: Many wondered why I was friends with Lax. I’m not going to pretend that they were completely off base. She could be a lot to handle. Honesty was her biggest strength, excessive honesty in most cases. The thing was she honestly loved me and criticisms rarely fell on me. But when they needed to they did. She made sure my pants looked good, and told me when I was being taken advantage of. She was my hard shell and without her I was a vulnerable pile of organs. We were better together and what others thought of me because of my choice seemed irrelevant to me.

Shannon: I’d known Emma since we were little kids. We had a dance class together and since we both had trouble learning the moves, we always ended up standing next to each other behind the better dancers. What she lacked in rhythm she made up for in humor. She could always make me laugh back then, and she’d only gotten funnier as she got older. Nothing was ever dull as long as she was around. I’d always admired how she saw the world as if she already knew everyone, getting strangers opinions on almost anything and starting conversations with them without a reason or an introduction. I wished everyone was more like her, but I suppose I should count my blessings having her as a best friend.

I met Mia through Emma when were high school. We had the same lunch period, and we meshed as a group almost instantly. She was known for her planning. Whether that was planning for her future or what we were going to do that weekend, she was always on top of it. She wanted to be a part of the excitement, and we were right there beside her, or at least we’d hear about it later.

Introduce your character’s partner in crime.


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