Writing Prompt: Day 198

198.jpgDay 198 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: A masked stranger hands your character an unusual object.

Shannon: I looked down at the stuffed animal in my hands. It was the same one I had when I was a kid, or…was it possible…could it actually be my stuffed animal? The dog was missing the same patches of fur on its back, and it had the same stains on its feet.

Before I could ask, the stranger was gone. Why did he want me to have it? There had to be a reason why he ran up to me with such urgency. I flipped the pup over and caught glimpse of some thread dangling from its belly. That was new. I considered ripping it open, but even after all these years I still had a sentimental attachment to my old friend. I’d have to wait until I was home to figure out what was hidden inside.

Erin: “What is that,” my friend asked pulling at the charm of my necklace. Normally it was hidden in my shirt, but it had slipped out.

“I don’t know,” I took it from her hands back into my own. “Some man gave it to me on the peer one year.”

“Who,” she continued to pry.

“I don’t know he was in an outfit that hooded his face out of my view,” I remembered the strange words he said as he gave it to me, but kept them to myself.

“What’s in the locket?”

“The what,” I asked looking down and realizing the little clasp on the side of the oval for the first time.

“You haven’t opened it,” she gasped trying to take control of doing it herself.

“Wait,” I held the locket in my fist. I had worn the piece for three years and was not sure I was ready to realize what I had traveled with so close to my heart.

What is your character going give your other character?


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