Writing Prompt: Day 212

212Day 212 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about twins being reunited after years apart.

Shannon: “I’m sorry, but it’s weird looking at you. I keep thinking about how that’s what everyone sees when they look at me,” I attempted to fill the awkward silence. They put us in the room alone to give us time to get to know each other, but they didn’t give us a strategy and I still felt like I was talking to a stranger, or to be honest, a clone.

“No it’s ok, I get it. I was thinking the same thing,” she flashed her eyes at me for only a few seconds before she had to look away.

“You know we probably have a lot more in common than our looks. I took a sociology class in high school, and we read studies on how twins who are separated tend to be more similar than the ones who grow up together. It has something to do with not having to separate themselves from each other. It’s a cool study, but I never thought I could be a part of it,” I rambled on.

“That a nice thought, but I have a feeling our situation is quite a bit different than most of their stories,” she shot-down my excitement. I didn’t want to judge her too quickly, but I did wonder how she felt about our different economic backgrounds. Now I knew.

I breathed out, in an attempt to hold my tongue. “Well I guess we’ll just have to find out who’s right,” I shrugged, even though I wasn’t thrilled by the chance of finding anything that had I in common with my sister.

Erin: The day Tyra came pounding on my door that feeling I had throughout my whole life started made sense. When I saw her face, I felt a little less lost and a little more whole. I didn’t feel the deep urge that I was at the wrong place, at the wrong time with the wrong people. She was still a stranger, but in that moment, I knew who I was and I finally felt at home. She was what I never knew I was looking for. She found me.

Bring your characters back together.

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