Writing Prompt: Day 213

213.jpgDay 213 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about the obstacles a character faces on their journey.

Shannon: The obstacles aren’t physical. They are more like a minefield in my brain. I don’t know what will set them off, and I guess I’m afraid to tread forward knowing there is a chance of pain around every corner. I’m trying to be brave and trust that I can handle the setbacks, but right now it’s a slow crawl when I wish I could run.

Erin: Even in the dark I could find the bathroom with no struggle. Step out of bed and stay close to the frame to avoid the dresser. When I hit the end of the frame I have to lift my leg over my husband’s slippers, but not step too far and hit whatever pile of toys the kids were playing with that day. Outside of the bathroom is where we rested an umbrella and my husband work clothing would be waded by the door of the bathroom. Once I dodged those I would have light and access to my midnight pee.

What does your character have to overcome?


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