Writing Prompt: Day 251

251.jpgDay 251 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a haunted carnival.

Erin: I’m the sole survivor of the carnival. Those who were not scared away found their way to a swift death. Why am I okay? Because I don’t run when the transparents come my way. I welcome them, I go on rides with them, and slowly I maybe am becoming one.

Shannon: I covered my head as I burrowed into my boyfriend’s shoulder for protection. I wouldn’t let myself look up until I felt the ride stop, and even then I was hesitant to open my eyes.

“It wasn’t that scary, was it,” he questioned, as I looked around afraid of the image that might sneak up on me.

“You weren’t scared of the girl on the tracks. Her face was terrifying.” I tried to push the picture out of my mind.

“What girl?”

I felt my blood immediately rush through my veins, “Are you joking, because this isn’t funny?” He shook his head, genuinely. “We need to leave, now,” I demanded.

Reveal your spooky carnival.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 251

  1. Mikio wakes up to a smaller body crawling over to her. She looks up enough to see Josh bury his head into the spare pillow, curling up close to her. She doesn’t say anything, knowing he probably had a nightmare late at night.
    But after she thought he fell asleep, he speaks up.
    “Momma is really good at writing scary stuff.”
    Mikio realizes that Josh stayed up late reading Adeline’s writing, again. “What was it about?”
    “A haunted carnival. The hero was stuck on a ride that almost killed them. And everything was dusty and there were scary carnival workers that-”
    “Okay, okay, Joshua. Just go to sleep.”
    “The carnival killers won’t get me?” Josh asks.
    Mikio internally laughs at the absurdity of the question, and the adorable look her adopted son is giving her. “No, they can’t get you.”
    “Okay,” he easily accepts. He then lays back down for a second. Then he shoots into a sitting position, “I should get Gus. He shouldn’t sleep alone.”
    “Wait, Joshu-”
    But he’s gone to interrupt his brother’s sleep.


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