Writing Prompt: Day 251

251.jpgDay 251 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a haunted carnival.

Erin: I’m the sole survivor of the carnival. Those who were not scared away found their way to a swift death. Why am I okay? Because I don’t run when the transparents come my way. I welcome them, I go on rides with them, and slowly I maybe am becoming one.

Shannon: I covered my head as I burrowed into my boyfriend’s shoulder for protection. I wouldn’t let myself look up until I felt the ride stop, and even then I was hesitant to open my eyes.

“It wasn’t that scary, was it,” he questioned, as I looked around afraid of the image that might sneak up on me.

“You weren’t scared of the girl on the tracks. Her face was terrifying.” I tried to push the picture out of my mind.

“What girl?”

I felt my blood immediately rush through my veins, “Are you joking, because this isn’t funny?” He shook his head, genuinely. “We need to leave, now,” I demanded.

Reveal your spooky carnival.

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