Writing Prompt: Day 252

252.jpgDay 252 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a magician who’s in love.

Shannon: “Pick a card any card,” Ron held a deck of cards in front of my face.

I sighed and did as he asked. “Now what?”

He smiled, “Put it back. Wherever you think it should go.”

I put it in the middle. He always tested out new tricks with me. I was excited to see where this one was going. I always thought he was so original, and I knew he’d have his own show someday.

He surprised me as threw the cards in the air and we watch them rain down over us. He turned one over that landed on my lap. “I believe this is your card, but there are words on it. That’s weird.” He shrugged a shoulder.

Somehow he got it right. It was my card. As I looked closer I read, “Will you marry me?”

Erin: “And say hello to my lovely assistant,” I opened the door and she was gone.

The crowd went silent, but so did my brain. I ran to the side of the stage. I pulled the stage curtains closed myself.

“What are you guys trying to pull,” my manager asked.

“Nothing,” I panicked. He had no idea my magic wasn’t just a show.

“Where the hell is she,” he started to lose his patience.

“I don’t know,” a tear dropped from my eye. I ran back to the box and tried to remember how I lived life before her. I needed my girl back, but didn’t know where I had sent her.

Other than magic what love is there?

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