Writing Prompt: Day 252

252.jpgDay 252 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a magician who’s in love.

Shannon: “Pick a card any card,” Ron held a deck of cards in front of my face.

I sighed and did as he asked. “Now what?”

He smiled, “Put it back. Wherever you think it should go.”

I put it in the middle. He always tested out new tricks with me. I was excited to see where this one was going. I always thought he was so original, and I knew he’d have his own show someday.

He surprised me as threw the cards in the air and we watch them rain down over us. He turned one over that landed on my lap. “I believe this is your card, but there are words on it. That’s weird.” He shrugged a shoulder.

Somehow he got it right. It was my card. As I looked closer I read, “Will you marry me?”

Erin: “And say hello to my lovely assistant,” I opened the door and she was gone.

The crowd went silent, but so did my brain. I ran to the side of the stage. I pulled the stage curtains closed myself.

“What are you guys trying to pull,” my manager asked.

“Nothing,” I panicked. He had no idea my magic wasn’t just a show.

“Where the hell is she,” he started to lose his patience.

“I don’t know,” a tear dropped from my eye. I ran back to the box and tried to remember how I lived life before her. I needed my girl back, but didn’t know where I had sent her.

Other than magic what love is there?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 252

  1. The school’s festival was a huge hit. There were many games and prizes, even a few shows to watch. Josh was left to his own devices, so he wandered over to a small stage with chairs around it. He sat down, finding it’s a magic show.
    A girl in a unitard comes out. There are a few cat callers, “Where’s the magician sweetheart?”
    “Oh…” she looks around, scrunching her face in confusion as she turns in a full circle. She taps her chin, “Maybe… A, I know.” She reaches behind her, bringing forth a top hat from seemingly no where.
    There’s applause. She sighs and puts the hat on her head.
    “Now if we’re done with the stereotyping, I’d like to start my first act.”
    Josh is sitting in the second row, clapping along. He watches the tricks, and notices that she glances at him every so often.
    “Next, I will need a volunteer.”
    Josh decides to raise his hand. She picks him and he comes up.
    “What’s your name, darling?”
    “Josh,” he smiles.
    “Do you know your cards well?”
    “Yes I do.”
    “Played with them before?”
    “Many times.”
    “How many cards are in a deck?”
    “Wonderful. Well Josh, all I need you to do is hold these cards,” she states, handing him a deck.
    “Okay.” He takes the cards, holding the deck in one hand.
    “Are there that many in the deck, Josh?”
    Josh takes the moment to count the cards. He double checks, then nods, “Yes, there are fifty-two cards in this deck.”
    “And how many types of cards are there?”
    “Count them off for me,” she states with a flourish of the hand.
    Josh smiles, watching her, “Spades.”
    The magician flicks her wrist, showing a card in her hand, with the face value hidden. She had no sleeve to pull it out of.
    She does the same motion with the other hand, producing another card. There are more gasps from the audience.
    She flicks her first wrist and a third card appears behind the first.
    “And hearts.”
    She repeats the action, showing a final card. She then motions to Josh, “By all means, count the deck again.”
    Josh counts aloud, finding only forty-eight cards.
    “Which ones are missing?”
    “Uhh… a one of spades. A two of diamonds. A three of clovers. And… a four of hearts.”
    The magician flips the cards she’s holding, revealing the missing cards. There’s an applause.
    Josh hands her the cards and sits back down. He finds a paper in his hand, which she placed there when their hands touched.
    At the end of the show, Josh appears at the back of the stage. He finds the magician at a mirror. “‘Meet me in the back’?”
    She turns to look at him, smiling, “Thought you’d like to see how it all works.”
    “Thought magicians never reveal their secrets,” Josh says.
    She hums, standing up, “Well… I can make an exception.” She smiles, “Name’s Gracie.”
    “That the magic secret?” Josh whispers.
    Gracie laughs, “No. I’ll tell you, but it’s top secret.”
    Josh leans closer, “I can keep a secret.”
    She moves over and softly kisses him. Josh doesn’t move at first, surprised, but not angry.
    Gracie pulls away an inch and whispers, “It’s about knowing your audience.” She then walks away, behind a curtain. Josh is still standing there, a bit flustered. He then grins, shakes his head, and turns to go find his friends.
    Only to find one of them followed him. And boy does Jacey like blackmail.


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