Writing Prompt: Day 253

253Day 253 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Give your character a dare.

Erin: “I dare you to quit your job”

“Are you insane?”

“You have to. You chose dare.”

“Your evil.”

“Have you ever considered that you’re the one being evil to yourself?”

Shannon: “I dare you to sneak into that abandoned house on 6th Street and take something from it,” Avery suggested, very proud of her idea.

“The haunted house?” I questioned. “You want me to steal from dead people?” I reminded her of what she was asking.

My words didn’t faze her, “I know,” she nodded, “Do you prefer the punishment?” She was threatening a week of becoming the high school joke with a collection of outfits that were guaranteed to also piss off the teachers. It was a long-term hassle instead of a short-term terror.

“Don’t make her do it. Pick something else,” Lily was also concerned.

“No, she has to decide,” Avery didn’t back down. “What’s it going to be?”

I had to determine if I could live with myself, and I figured they couldn’t miss anything that I took, not that it would be anything important. “Fine. I’ll do it.”

Truth or dare?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 253

  1. Heather sits in the living room of the Parker house with her headphones in. Peter gets the door when there’s a knock. “Hey Ned.”
    “Hey Pete- oh my good-” he pushes Peter into the hallway. “There’s a girl in your apartment,” he whisper yells.
    “I know,” Peter says, trying to calm his friend, “She’s cool. Okay… so, she knows Mr. Stark and he asked if she could stay here since she… she doesn’t really have anywhere else to go.”
    “Dude, this is so weird. He asked if a girl could stay here?”
    “No… Nonono, Ned, no,” Peter stammers, “she’s cool, okay. She’s cool.”
    “She’s cool?”
    Heather can just picture Peter getting a serious face as he says, “She’s cool.”
    Ned peeks around the corner, then looks back at Peter. “For real?”
    “Yeah,” Peter assures.
    Ned looks at Heather again, “Are you a superhero?”
    “Ned! I never said she was-”
    “But you were using your super secret, secret identity voice.”
    “I don’t have a-”
    The boys stop as they hear Heather start laughing.
    Heather sighs, “It’s just… you two remind me of my friends.” She takes a breath as the boys take a seat, “Yes, Ned. I know Stark because of him being Ironman. And… I happen…” Ned leans forward. “To be…”
    “He’s going to fall, just tell him,” Peter groans.
    Heather smiles, “A super soldier.”
    Ned then goes on a whole excited rant about the Avengers. Heather just nods at times and shakes her head at his animated-ness. He then sits down and seriously asks, “Can you do the same number of push ups as Captain America?”
    Heather shrugs, “Probably.”
    “Think you can beat Peter in armwrestling?”
    “No. He has super strength, I don’t.”
    “I dare you,” Ned states.
    “Ned,” Peter says.
    Heather shrugs, “I’m down if you are. Just don’t break my arm.”
    “I-I-I I’m not going to be able to beat you,” Peter says.
    “C’mon, it’s not leg wrestling,” Heather says, tapping her knee. Ned is about to ask, but Heather says, “Not now.”
    Peter sighs.
    “The point is to beat your opponent,” Ned says, “so… give it everything.”
    “Have you done this before?” Peter asks.
    “Yes. With someone my age? Once. Josh wanted to know who was stronger.”
    “And who won?” Peter asks as they line up their hands.
    Heather pushes her hand into his, but her arm slowly falls back. Then Peter seems to actually give more, and her hand hits the coffee table.
    “I did. That’s a strong grip,” she comments, rubbing her hand.
    “Thanks,” Peter beams.


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