Writing Prompt: Day 260

260Day 260 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Would you rather write about a character who lives in this house or this house?

Shannon: We lived in a tiny house in the middle of woods. We didn’t choose it because we were on some minimalist kick, or because it was all we could afford. We just wanted our house to be a place where we could be together. At our old house we had so much space we could spend the whole day without ever crossing paths. We grew so distant we forgot if we even still loved each other. When we moved into our tiny house it didn’t take long to realize we did.

Erin: I liked my little house. It was just enough room for my few belongings. I could afford way bigger and loved how people always assumed that someone who could would. People would think I was joking when I pointed to my front door. My abode was small and humble, but a larger residence would not make me any happier. I didn’t feel the need to live up to expectations others had for me.

Where is home?

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