Writing Prompt: Day 261

261 (1).jpgDay 261 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Would you rather write about a baker or a fashion designer.

Erin: There are those rare days where the normal stock we make in the morning isn’t enough. Those days are both blessings and curses. The profit is impeccable. The question is at what level of exhaustion and draining is its benefit outweighed.

Shannon: I could spend hours in the studio working on new ideas. Whenever my muse was around I had to catch it while it was still within my reach. I’d spend the nights clipping away at fabric and sewing the pieces together into something I couldn’t see until it was real and in front of me.

What do you want your character to be when they grow up?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 261

  1. “Hello Finn.”
    The two boys turn around to see Alya standing there. She has a sketchbook in hand.
    “Yes?” Finn asks. Then he corrects himself, “I mean… hi.”
    Alya smiles, then asks, “Have you drawn people before?”
    “Yes, he has,” Josh states.
    Finn looks at Josh, but still says, “Yep.”
    “Awesome! Could you help me with something? I don’t think I’m getting proportions right,” she says, tapping the edge of her sketchbook with her fingertips anxiously.
    Finn sees a small head nod from Josh, then says, “Sure, I can take a look at it.”
    Alya beams. The two walk over to an empty table.
    “What are the sketches for? If you don’t mind me asking.”
    “I want to try my hand at fashion designing,” Alya answers. She hands Finn her sketchbook, adding, “I can’t seem to draw a form I like, though…”
    Finn looks over Alya’s shoulder at Josh, who is smiling to himself. When he notices Finn is looking at him, he sends his friend a thumbs up, then leaves to leave the artists to their talk.


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